How To Throw A Grand Gathering on a Budget

Hosting a dinner party, brunch, or even a Friendsgiving can be a very daunting and expensive task. About a year ago I threw myself a thriving party and broke my bank way more than I intended too (thank you Target), so I told myself If I wanted to keep up these lavish lifestyles I was going to have to figure something out. It’s hard being in your twenties because some friends are living large making salaries Greek gods would be jealous of but others are pleading with the bartender to accept their Venmo transactions.
Hosting is the groove and on a budget is the move. To all the wannabe upper eastsiders out there, I’ve come across some tips to host a fantastic event but keep that budget low.

Think display not array
You do not need to have an array of options for something to look put together or “grammable”. Indulge in some finger foods and put a few on individual plates to take up table space and have a moderate amount of decorations around the table. Try to get a few different colors or textures on the table like cream cheese crackers and then a mini fruit kabob.  

Food is your Focal point
There is nothing better than coming to an event and seeing mountains of food. Set out all your goods on the table and have guests help themselves. They can mingle with each other buffet style or get real close and pass dishes family style.  

  • Taco nights are an easy theme when cutting costs. Meat, cheese, lettuce, and shells are the basics. Ask your guests to bring their favorite topping and then you will have a mix of options.  
  • Carbs are critical. Let your guests fill up on bready heavy foods so they feel fuller faster. Pancakes, mac & cheese, or chips and burgers are all fun options. Be sure to tell them to leave their diet at the door!
  • Brunch with eggs, waffles, and bacon with a “bottomless” mimosa package to get your boozy brunches fired up. These are all really expensive ingredients that can go a long way. Plus you can modify to accommodate picky eaters and other diet restrictions.

Evites are still a thing
A little evite from Paperless Post can really stand out in the world of Facebook events. I use them for all of my sorority functions and personal events because they require an RSVP, it lets you know if the invitation has been received, and will track RSVPs for you. As an organizer, you really can’t ask for much else, plus they’re freakin’ cute.

Know your place (Name cards)
These personalize everything and really give your event that added upscale touch you are probably looking for. You can use a free template on Microsoft word or use index cards and a sharpie for a very classic look.

Drinkware is just as important as Drinking contents
Boozy or booze free the stemware is a highly critical aspect to any brunch or dinner. Nothing says bougie like a glass of bubbly, infused water pitchers, or a martini with an olive. Dress up the drinkware and have them pre-poured and your guests will never know what brand you used (aka the cheap stuff).

Create a playlist themed to the event, dress the part and enjoy your gathering! Nothing brings people together more than food, drinks, and a well-dressed selfie for the gram. 

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  1. This is great and I needed to read this! I'm throwing an event and I believe food is the focal point. The dessert table has been my main focus.