Las Vegas Brunch Spots For Liquid Dieters

Saturday, June 2, 2018

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Let's not dodge from the fact that when most people brunch they're brunching for the juices. Whether that is a smoothie, pressed juice, coffee, or lattes. Juices are a prime flavoring in the meal prep of brunch. Add a little pop of natural color to your morning with a freshly pressed juice or acai bowl. 
Those of you indulging in a liquid brunch diet should listen up because have we got some hot spots for you to dish into.

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Panacea Las Vegas

A cute hidden gem amongst the many dining options in Boca Park with a modern hippie vibe. Great for an intimate brunch session with your girls or a cool-down sesh with the boys. Come here and try their Komboucha on tap with an extensive list of fresh smoothies, superfood lattes, and gourmet teas! Take your freshly pressed juices to go or sip them in store. Everything is cruelty-free, plant-based, and photo shoot-gorgeous so come with your phones charged and detox to retox attitude. Indulge in more lunch-designed meals if you're still feelin' a little grumble in your tummy. Any grain blow or their Thai Curry is the absolute best. Expect a little zing with ALL plates.

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House of Alchemy

This place is juice adorable. Organic, fresh-pressed juice drinks for the health conscious. Highly recommend the Sweetheart and After Party plus more adding on indulgent flavors with Nutmylk. I recommend Love Drug nutmylk and chocolate banana cheeky monkey smoothies for those who aren’t as calorie-conscious. House of Alchemy dabbles in the latte, and cafe menus for those looking for a quick pick me up however it's such a relaxing spot you'll for sure want to stay awhile. Acai you there!

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Juice Standard

Rethink what you drink with the Juice Standard. They offer all types of organicly pressed juices ranging from greens, fruits, zesty, and spicy.  Expect to grab every drop of nutrition from all your drank ingredients. They feature signature cold-pressed juices and nut milks made fresh every morning from 100% organic produce. The bee WHealthy is a local favorite for those who are enticed by green juices. Otherwise stick to their Acai Smoothies, which typically contain fruit and coconut water!  Feel invincible with their Wellness shot. For $5 you can regain your strength from a night out but maybe not your dignity.

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Fruits and Roots

Home of cold press juices, wellness shots, Nut Mylks, Kombucha, teas and super foods. This is a powerful punch to get your morning started. They have a healthy and organic option for all guests. With AMAZING acai bowls and an amazing staff that is knowledgeable of all things fruits and roots no guest goes unnoticed or unfed. They have a little outside patio dining area that allows you to soak in ALL of the ingredients or go through the drive through if you’re looking for something quick!

I would love to know if you check out any of these spots! Tag me on Instagram when you do! (_CupofJoJo) I’d love to show you some love on your page. What are some of your favorite brunch spots when you’re strictly on a cleanse? Drop a comment below!

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