3 Natural Beverages To Kick Start To Your Morning

Thursday, July 12, 2018


There are times in life when your alarm sounds to signify the beginning of a brand new day… and you’re not quite ready for it. The desire to burrow deep into your blankets and grab another 5 (or 50) minutes of beauty rest is overwhelmingly tempting, but you’ve got a schedule to adhere to, so you reluctantly push yourself out of bed.

At this point, what you need - more than anything - is a drink to give your energy levels a boost. Here are some inexpensive and healthy natural energy boosters whether you're looking for a caffeine kick or a vitamin boost.

#1 - Coldwater

Yep, that’s it. Just straight cold water. Cold water is an excellent way to start your day. Not only will cold water immediately wake up your insides making you feel more alive from your bed of sleep but, it also helps your liver to clear toxins that have been created overnight.

#2 - Lemon water

Hot water with a slice of lemon has been a common choice for many people for decades. The health benefits of lemon water have been somewhat exaggerated over the years, but it has been known to detoxify the liver and rehydrate your body. It’s a decent pick me up for after a night out with my boozy buds.  Also, when you get rid of toxic waste, your skin is the first to show it. It’s like cheating a hangover (shameless plug). Many people find the tang of the lemon and the heat of the water as a perfect way to start their day, so sip on this idea for a while and see how you feel.

#3 - Coffee

For the vast majority of us, when it comes to achieving our “get up and go”, it’s coffee you’re going to turn to - and rightly so! Coffee is a classic morning drink for its caffeine content, but you can double boost your mornings by ensuring the coffee you drink is as delicious as it can possibly be. For example, you’ll be rewarded with enhanced flavor and increased enjoyment if you ensure your coffee is brewed as per the ratios in the infographic below…

Infographic Design By TheDarkestRoast.com

#4 Protein Shake

I’ve recently bought some really good protein powder and have been dabbling in this routine. Throw a little protein powder, rice milk, banana, and berries into a blender and BOOM, you’ve got yourself some killer energy.  It is a little higher in the calorie intake but I replace this with my breakfast and then indulge in a snack a little later on. The banana and berries add extra minerals and nutrients while the protein powder gives you that extra kick of stamina to get your day started.

#5 Tomato Juice

I personally am not a fan of tomato juice but my parents rave about it (maybe it’s a GenX thing?). However, it does protect against numerous cancers and is the richest source of lycopene, reducing your chances of stomach and lung cancer. Add a little bit of Vodka, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce, yenno, for flavor.

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  1. Coffee is my number 1 drink for the morning! I love trying different brews and blends :)

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  2. Great ideas! I usually go for just water, but have been meaning to try out lemon water!


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