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Friday, July 6, 2018

Everybody should travel as much as possible. Some see a vacation as nothing more than a chance to get some sun and take a couple of weeks off work, but it could also be seen as an opportunity to explore the world. Rather than heading to the same vacation home every year, you should try to explore somewhere new every time you go traveling. Explore new cultures and new places. It’s time for you to experience some of the fantastic sites out there.

I’m nowhere near classified as a world traveler, but I have a travel list of countries or just monuments I would like to visit. For example, I’d love to individually visit the fantastic Marina Bay in Singapore to take in the sites, but I’d love to go to Iceland to see the land as a whole! As much as I wouldn’t mind spending my summers on the beach in Costa Rica, I know there is SO much more out there for me to see and explore.

Still to visit on my travel list are the following:


Australia is one of those countries I want to go to but need to set aside some pennies to travel too. The land down under is one of the fastest nations out there, so it’s the perfect destination for an adventure. Whether you’re admiring the natural beauty of the outback or the modern skyscrapers of its many coastal cities, there’s an experience to be had for every kind of traveler. I would start by visiting Sydney. It’s arguably the most famous city in Australia. The skyline is iconic, and it’s home of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House. It’s not just a fantastic piece of architecture - the building is also the venue for many fantastic theatrical and musical performances. I’m not a huge musical performance attendee, but I’d make sure I saw a concert while in the city. I’ve heard sitting in the theater is a real experience.


Morocco is often forgotten but I think it could be one of the most exciting countries to visit in the world, and its booming tourist industry is a testament to that fact. It’s a culturally fascinating place, first of all. If you head to Marrakech, then you should visit the Koutoubia Mosque (or Kutubiyya Mosque) to learn a little something about the fascinating religious history of this country while being able to see some brilliant architectural structure. Its curved windows and decorative arches look utterly mesmerizing. I’d also visit the Majorelle botanical garden. It’s been a popular tourist attraction ever since it was purchased by famous fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé (the real reason I want to go). Their creative influence shows in the beautiful natural aesthetic of this garden.

Of course, I’d have to go off the beaten path when I want to get away from the busy and bustling cities and explore some of the natural splendor that Morocco has to offer. More specifically, I would see the Sahara Desert. It’s a vast, cold, and empty stretch of sand dunes, but that’s what makes it such a breathtaking natural sight. I’d camel back with the locals to make sure I was seriously immersed. Morocco seems relatively inexpensive but still have an enriching experience.

It’s a vast, cold, and empty stretch of dunes, but that’s what makes it such a breathtaking natural sight. I’d camel-back with the locals to make sure I was seriously immersed. Morocco seems relatively inexpensive but still have an enriching experience.


Malaysia is another country that’s underrated but looks vast and exciting. It seems culturally-rich and like it would be an enlightening experience. The artistic culture of this country is beautiful. Malaysian art, in a traditional sense, centers on carving, weaving, and silversmithing. In marketplaces, you can find stunning handwoven baskets and artworks such as ornamental kris, beetle nut sets, and woven batik and songket fabrics; look them up, they're fascinating. Many different ethnic groups in the country have different performance pieces, so there’s an exciting sense of diversity to be explored when you visit Malaysia. I would catch a festival like Hari Merdeka (the famous holiday that’s equivalent to Independence Day) and Malaysia Day (commemorating the federation).

To immerse yourself in the culture then you might even want to look into a house for rent in MalaysiaIt’s such a big country with so many things to see and do that you might want to spend some time here to explore the place and make the most of your travels. The cuisine in this country looks fantastic. The multi-ethnic influence that makes this nation so diverse is prevalent in every single dish you’ll find in restaurants and other dining establishments. Malay, Chinese, Indian, and different cultures have influenced the favorite dishes you can eat here. Teh Tarik (a favorite hot milk drink) and Nasi Lemak (a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf that’s considered the national dish) look mouthwatering. The food, the architecture, and the culture are all things that make this nation such a vast and exciting place to explore.


Spain is a vast and exciting country that I hope will get to in 2019. There is a vibrant culture and a fascinating history. I would visit here if I’m looking for succulent dishes in fine dining establishments. Tapas is the most popular dish for which the nation is known. Given that the dishes are so small, it gives me the opportunity to try out many different bars and restaurants to have many small meals and drinks as I go. Authentic Spanish patatas bravas look delicious. Seriously, Instagram a few and you’ll be drooling. There are also many delicious chorizo-based meals.

If you’re looking for a sunny country to visit with many bold and exciting cities to explore, Spain seems to be your spot. Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in the country, and that’s because it’s such a visually-stunning and culturally-intriguing place. I would start by admiring Gaudi’s architectureThat’s easy to do in Barcelona because it’s (literally) everywhere you turn. The man single-handedly designed the majority of the city. The incredible Sagrada de Familia Cathedral is still being built to this day based on designs he laid out over a century ago. If you’re into music and festivities, like me, I'm always looking for an activity, so I would also check out Benicassim (Spain’s biggest music festival). It’s essentially a party on the beach in Barcelona, and it’s becoming incredibly popular with tourists from all over the world.

Checked off my travel list include the following:


Germany is a brilliant place to visit if you’re looking for an educational and exciting traveling experience. You should start by exploring Berlin. The capital city has a glitzy and powerful skyline, but there’s more to this place than a pretty aesthetic. The history and culture of this city are intriguing. Obviously, you’ll have to see iconic landmarks such as the remnants of the Berlin. You should also visit the Brandenburg Gate while in the capital; it’s an architectural masterpiece that’s breathtaking to witness in person. You should also visit the Charlottenburg Palace if you want to see the most massive palace in Berlin; it’s set in an idyllic location, and it is a historically-fascinating building.

Munich is the home of Oktoberfest, so if you're in Germany during September or October, you HAVE to stop and take a peek at the festivities. There are plenty of costumes, traditional meals, and beers to try out.

The United States.

Honestly, I know I live here but, the U.S. is a fascinating place that is entirely overlooked by Americans. Los Angeles, California is a fantastic city to see and an excellent start if you’re looking for somewhere to begin on your exploration of North America. Start by heading to the Hollywood Hills. Not only is it exciting to see the iconic Hollywood sign for yourself, but it’s also an incredibly picturesque setting that provides the perfect view of Los Angeles. If you’re looking for things to do in the city itself, then you should head downtown for some food at the Grand Central Market. On certain nights, there’s even live music to be enjoyed while you dine.

Also along the west coast, the state of Washington makes for a wonderful traveling experience. Make sure you head to the city of Seattle; that’s the heart of all the excitement in this state. The Sky View Observatory is a landmark that’s spectacular to admire from the ground and also provides breathtaking views of the entire city from the top. You can read more about Washington HERE. There are also plenty of fantastic dining establishments in the city if you like seafood. Seattle knows what it’s doing when it comes to its cuisine.


The Eiffel Tower is a breath taking view. I remember when I was traveling the lovely country, I had no idea there were twinkling lights on the tower and that was such an in-awe moment for me. A picture doesn’t even do it justice. Alongside of that, France is a very, very, very old country (it’s older than America itself) with a lot of capital buildings, chapels and museums. Le Louvre museum will take you about six days to explore but is completely rich with history, art and culture. Versailles was one of my favorite areas because there was so much royal, lavish, and scandalous history there, I was stunned by all I had to take in.

Like I said, everybody should travel as much as possible. Making your own travel list and checking items off as you go is one of the most rewarding feelings, at least to me. 

Where are you trying to head?! Comment below!

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