The Sunny State of Florida

In Florida, the sun always seems to be shining. I mean, I guess that’s not strictly true, it does have its fair share of storms from the tornadoes and hurricanes, but for the most part, Florida is a lovely state that receives a lot of sunshine all year round. It’s one of the main reasons why so many people keep returning year after year. I must admit, a trip to Florida is pretty expensive because there’s just so much to do that you would try and fit in during your time there! If you’re looking to have a fab holiday in the sunny state of Florida, let me help ya out.

Don’t Go For Hotels

When I think about booking a vacation I tend to always gear towards an all-inclusive stay, but in Florida, and all parts of America for that matter, all inclusive hotels are few and far between (save that for the tropics). I know you can stay with friends (always a good idea), book a hotel, or utilize Airbnb but what about something more exotic and vacay-feeling, oh and cheaper? Tripelli is just one company that you should be looking at if you want to find a nice place to rent. Ever thought about renting a villa? You’ll often find that there are some great villas in a central location that will cost a fraction of the price for the week compared to what you would pay for a hotel. You’ll have a lot more space, and it’ll make the whole experience feel more homely!

The Beaches Are The Best

Florida is really underrated for its beaches. Everyone heads there for the main attractions, which we can’t really complain about, but if you’re going, you need to take some time to relax on the beaches. Florida Key West has some of the best, and if you have a car, it’s going to be really easy to explore them. Cocoa beach is typically pretty secluded and is also the home of a rocket launch. Talk about #Views. Lining most of the beaches are plenty of food establishments, serving some of the tastiest foods so be sure to order a shrimp platter or the seafood soup.

Doing the Theme Parks

When you think of Florida, in most peoples minds the theme parks are the first thing to come to mind. They are the main attraction when it comes to Florida. There’s just so many of them, that you really shouldn’t find yourself bored. But one thing I will comment on is the price it costs to get in. If you don’t purchase your tickets beforehand, you can expect to pay an absolute fortune at the gate. However, if you purchase them online before you even book your trip, you could save so much money. If you’re going during the height of the season, we would highly recommend that you splash some cash on a fast pass. They’re well worth it, as the lines can become extremely long at the busiest times of the year!

Local Spots Offer A Lot

I spent a lot of time in Melbourne and had a grand ‘ol time. There are some late night taverns and restaurants that the locals tend to hang out at such as Copperhead Tavern. It is not as wild of a crowd and you pay half the premium prices that Orlando or Miami would charge. Indulge in some river activities on the Indian River like go see the crocodiles or Aeroplane activities.


  1. Sounds like a really fun place to be. I’d love to be in Florida some day. Will bookmark this for future reference!

    1. If you're a water person look up when they have pirate parties. Those are super fun!

  2. Florida is just the best. Sounds like such a good trip!

  3. I definitely want to explore Florida so much more! I only went to Disney World ( 4th grade), but it was still wonderful!

    1. Looks like we both need to take a trip to florida for some theme park adventures haha.

  4. I'm from Florida and I think you captured the essence really well! Next time you visit come down to Fort Myers & Sanibel, it's stunning.

    Hayden //