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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Just this morning my friend and I were talking about how we love day trips. Road trips fall into this category, but I’m more so thinking about flying out and back in within the same day.  I don’t know about you, but I feel SO fancy when I’m able to do that. It’s a little luxury lifestyle moment when you can say you went to breakfast in Arizona yet your back in your hometown the same day. Must be some breakfast right?

What do you think of when someone says the word “vacation”?

No doubt you probably imagine yourself lounging around on a beautiful tropical beach somewhere, letting the days roll by as your tan becomes ever more impressive, and your photo album expands gratuitously.

So, then, what if you didn’t have a week or more to get away, but instead only had a weekend to spend on a trip? Or even just a day?  Would you think it was still worth it, or would you turn up your nose at the idea?

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you shouldn’t turn up your nose at weekend getaways and jet off to the land of your choice for a

The intensity of the experience that matters more than the duration 

Do you think you’re more likely to remember — and appreciate — an experience where you spent a week sitting on the same beach getting a suntan? Or a two-day trip which involved you purchasing shoes from, scaling a prodigious rock face somewhere, taking a boat trip, and seeing one of the world’s most respected art museums all in a limited amount of hours?

For a vacation worth remembering, it’s the intensity of the experience that counts far more than the duration of the exposure. While easygoing, drawn-out trips where you do nothing much besides relax, are great and needed from time to time — they’re not likely to give you that whirlwind of adventure.

When you plan your time right and focus on intensity and fire rather than just “chilling out,” a weekend can be more than enough time to have some truly amazing experiences. You don’t have time to think about if you do or don’t want to do something you do it. Since your time is limited, you are least likely to waste it.

Choosing your location carefully means you can get a lot out of minimal time.

If your ambition for a vacation were to see the whole of a large country — like Russia — then a weekend getaway would leave you feeling deeply frustrated. An adventure like that isn’t realistic. You’d barely even begun to scratch the surface before having to head home.

If you plan your destination and travel goals somewhat differently — such as by focusing on a particular, history-laden city, or a brunch spot that has been all the rage on Facebook — then you might be amazed by what you can achieve in a small amount of time.

A weekend trip to Germany for Oktoberfest is entirely doable. You have a goal to get in, drink beer, see the festival grounds, get out. Or traveling to Prague, take a stroll over the Charles Bridge in the early morning, climb up the hill to the royal palace, see St. Vitus Cathedral, sample the local delicacies, and visit an ancient alchemist’s lab.

Not too shabby. You have to plan out these destinations.

Mini-breaks can be incredibly rejuvenating.

Mini breaks aren’t just an excuse to take some photos and brag to your friends (that is a bonus though); they can also be a fantastic way of rejuvenating yourself when your daily routine seems to drag a bit, or when you feel the call to adventure more regularly then you can make more of your major outings.

Sometimes, getting away for a weekend and experiencing something new and exciting, can be enough to grant you a new perspective on your life and concerns, as well as a heavy dose of enthusiasm for life.

If you’re still not sold, hear me out. It helps to make these trips feel a little more realistic if you think of them as a music festival. Music festivals are three days of impactful experiences, with a researched and thought out plan for while you are there, and you are escaping your reality for a bit. While you may be jetting off to grab a pizza at your favorite pizza spot in LA or climb rocks in Colorado, these are all experiences that can be just the little kick of adventure to spice up your daily routine.

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