7 Things You Need To Grab For a Last Minute Getaway

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Las Vegas, NV, USA

BAck to school backpack from High Sierra, with Garden of Life Bars, Almay Goddess Gloss and Hcxo Shop sleepmask

Imagine its Friday evening, you're sitting in traffic about to head home and binge watch Friends for the fourth weekend in a row when you get a text from a friend saying she wants pizza from that cute little corner shop two towns over. They're only open until 9 so you have to hustle. What are you throwing in your getaway bag?!

This is exactly what happened to me and as I flew home I was making a mental packing list. Of course, I'll need to pack a spare set of clothes, an old t-shirt for pajamas but what else do I really need?

Coming from experience, I've anticipated a few needs and thanks to InfluenceHer for my Fall Essentials Kit, my getaway bag is NOW COMPLETE.

Charging Cord

If you're driving to your getaway destination, you'll need your own considering one of you will have to read maps and the other will play DJ for the next few hours. A portable charger is optional but more so necessary if you are flying. It just depends on if the vehicle has multiple charging spots or not. Something to think about while you are flinging through your belongings.


GoL bars are organic lifestyle bars made with 8-10 simple ingredients, with each bar containing 12 g of Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, grass-fed whole milk protein along with real whole foods such as organic dates, nuts, and blueberries

No trip getaway checklist is complete without food! Pack something that tastes yummy, is high in protein and fiber with no added sugars so there is a little bit of substance, like Garden of Life Bars! They're organic lifestyle bars made with 8-10 simple ingredients, with each bar containing 12 g of Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, grass-fed whole milk protein along with real whole foods such as organic dates, nuts, and blueberries. They're listed on the package so you can pick your fave right away! I recommend the Chocolate Sea Salt Gol Bar or the Maple Sea Salt GoL Bar but there is also Chocolate Coconut and Blueberry. Did I mention they are certified gluten-free?

Poppin Lipgloss

Almay's Goddess Gloss from the cosmic collection of lip gloss

Girls just wanna have gloss! I freakin' love Almay's Goddess Gloss. This lipgloss so this is typically an easy transition from my purse to my getaway bag.  The new Almay Cosmic Collection is great because my lips feel moisturized and smooth, never sticky. Always be prepared because you never know when you'll need to freshen up, plus they're just overall fun to play with. The Almay Cosmic Collection has 8 shades of hypoallergenic, fragrance lip glosses made with pomegranate, grape and raspberry oils giving you high shine, iridescent lips. Mmm, yay! Pick some up from Ulta on your way.

Your Current Read (digital or print)
What I was doing while you were breeding by Kristin Newman

You may or may not have some downtime so it doesn't hurt to come prepared and bring your latest read. Just in case, I have a few podcasts pre-downloaded on my phone too. They can be fun to listen with others as podcasts tend to spark some good conversation! Hey, if I'm playing DJ girls gotta have options.

Soft Skin

Bliss lemon and sage moisturizing body butter trial size and actual size

There's nothing I hate more than cracked, dry skin and I am SO prone to it. So if I'm stuck on a plane or in a car I don't want to be without some sort of moisturizer. Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter is a cult favorite best-selling moisturizer that's rich and quick absorbing, never leaving my skin greasy. The shea butter and coconut oil soothe and deeply nourish making my skin smooth and soft all the time. If freedom had a smell it would be the scent of this body butter. Pop a travel size into your bag for good measure.

Sleep Mask
Never stop dreaming sleep mask from Her Campus made from 100% silk

Always a travel essential because every queen should have one. These are perfect for hotels, road trips, or plane rides when you want to zone out but have surrounding disturbances.  Hcxo.shop has one made with 100% silk, making it the softest, most breathable sleep mask you'll own. Seriously, it feels like heaven in your hands and fits better than a flower crown. Show off how it makes the perfect addition to your nighttime routine and you just might get a regram from @HerCampusBeauty + @Hcxo.shop.

Your Getaway Bag

Back to school with the turquoise Elly backpack from high sierra

You need something to pack all your essentials in! High Sierra's Elly Backpack has so many easily accessible compartments. A dedicated TECH SPOT tablet sleeve (for precious cargo), a core organizer with multiple pockets and a key fob, drawstring closure for extra packing, snapped closure side accessory pockets, and a matching zipped accessory pouch providing a trendsetting attitude! Plus, they typically come in fun colors! We're all just working for the weekend, right? So where are we headed?

7 Things You Need To Grab For a Last Minute weekend Getaway

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own


  1. Great ideas! I always stick with a good eye mask!


  2. Great picks! I definitely always try to grab my portable charger, headphones and snacks!

  3. Very nice combination of goods. Will take note.


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