Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

I know I talk about how to travel on a budget but a lot of people hold off their traveling plans because money does tend to get in the way. It’s common for people to think that going on holiday is going to break the bank, and it’s even more common for people to go ahead and do just that. I want to dive in a little deeper into some aspects on where exactly you and I can find these deals, and when to book them.

The flights and the accommodations are generally the more expensive parts but there are ways of getting both of them down. Let's explore the ways of Daily Cup of JoJo

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

A Good Accommodation Deal

A good accommodation deal is what we’re all looking for. I typically spend about an hour on my initial hotel search and then move forward from that.

I compare prices on three websites and then when I find the cheapest rate I contact the hotel directly and ask if they will honor that rate. That way I am not booking third party because if a reservation goes wrong and you’ve booked third party, the hotel cannot help you, only the online website (i.e. Priceline, Expedia, Kayak). It’s just easier if they will honor the rate.

I typically start on Expedia and then move to Priceline, and last I’ll check Orbitz or Kayak. I then repeat this process three times on different days at different times. I start this as early as possible because the more research the better idea you have on hotel rates.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: I know you’ll like this. All you need is a .edu email and you’ll be golden on all of these deals. There are everything hotels from 4%-40% off already reduced prices.

Do you ever see those travel pictures on Instagram that look like they’re being shot from the most beautiful locations and accommodations around the world? They typically come at top dollar. To stay in some of these luxurious locations would obviously set you back thousands, but, the good news is, you can have a budget alternative that will give you just as many stunning views, great service, but with the prices completely slashed. Have a look at the Absoloot Value Accommodation Hostel as an example. You’ll love the look of it. There are plenty of similar options dotted around the world. Try to remember that you don’t always have to go high end to have a good time.

Airbnb is always a good place to check rates. Honestly, I’m kind of bougie and love the idea of room service so this is typically my last option BUT Airbnb’s offer way more cultural aspects than a hotel.  BE VERY picky about your stay. Do a little more research on the areas you’re staying in since it is more of a local foreign area.


  • Sundays are the best days to book hotel stays because it’s the beginning of the business week and they know what their room occupancy looks like for the week. Rates will fluctuate the most on these days.
  • Ask your work if there are any travel perks with your benefits. Some work benefits include memberships to travel companies like Snazzy Traveler significantly reducing your daily rates.

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps
Good Flight Deals

Depending on the distance, flights are much harder and more expensive to book.

Really… all you need to do is play with the airports, the dates, the times, and the airline. Allow me to show you the tricks of the trade…

Just because you fly out to your destination from one airport, with a certain airline, it doesn’t mean you have to do the exact same on the way back. You can always fly home on a different airline, to a different airport. I have traveled far and long on one-way flights. I don’t recommend you buying a one-way flight and then not booking a returning flight before you leave though. Flights are hit or miss and will either be super cheap or extremely expensive last minute.

I am an ADVOCATE for Hopper. Hopper is my go-to app when I first start considering venturing to a new place. This app tells you when to fly and when to buy. You can see when the cheapest flights are going out and book directly through the app. My favorite new feature is the flex date option. It will tell me when there is a cheap route between 4-6 days in XX month. If it works in my schedule consider that booked.

Once again, after checking hopper and deciding my days of travel I typically start on Expedia and then move to Priceline, and last I’ll check Orbitz or Kayak. I then repeat this process multiple times and on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 3:00ish p.m. Mid week and midday are the slower times of booking and that is when flights bookings weeks start over so you have a better shot at getting a deal.

Then after I’ve checked all round trips, I check one-way flights. Sometimes it might only be a couple dollars difference but that’s a couple dollars you can keep in your pocket.

I’m a huge Southwest fan. They don’t put their prices on third-party websites but sometimes they offer a significantly good deal. Remember, they let you check TWO bags so there are no hidden fees.

Honestly, planning a trip on a budget doesn’t come over night. There is a lot of sitting, waiting, & wishing (thanks Jack Johnson) when it comes to booking flights. They play games more than those boys on your Tinder so just know your patience is needed but will be so worth it when youre flying to your top destination with some cash left over for a drink on the plane.

Some final thoughts to consider:
  • Book your flight and hotels together if possible. Bundles are always better!
  • Search in an incognito window until you are ready to book otherwise these companies will track your search history and raise you rates.
  • Sign up for ALL the rewards programs. The emails suck but you will be accumulating points on a vast amount of platforms that will come in handy one day.
    • On the same side of this, if you have points, use them or save them but understand what they mean and make sure you collect. If something doesn’t add up and you think you’re getting gipped, you probably are. CALL THE COMPANY AND INQUIRE 

Budget travel is just a bunch of research in a lot of different areas. It can take up a lot of time to book the right flight and hotel. As of right now, I have time and not money so I’m willing to send a couple hours booking a trip that I know will add value to my life in the end.

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

9 Must Have Travel Apps

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What are your travel tips and tricks? Always looking for other travel hack methods! Share them below.

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

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