There's No Place Like Home, In Kansas City!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

There's No Place Like Home, In Kansas City! Why the midwest is your new hot spot travel destination.

Whether you’re after a random weekend away, or something a little more planned; the Midwest might not be the first place you think of when it comes to a travel "adventure." However, locals in and around Kansas will be the first to tell you that there’s no place like home.
This popular (yes, really) destination epitomizes the United States, making it somewhere that every new and seasoned traveler should pay a visit to. You’ll find a bunch of museums full of historical and cultural interest, but, you’ll also find a boatload of mom and pop restaurants to grab a bite and a drink with a relaxed atmosphere. (My number one rule about traveling is to NEVER eat at chain restaurants. Authenticity is key, but anyway, whatever you need from your next trip, you’ll be able to find it in the midwest and on a budget too! Therefore, surely it’s time to pop this unsung hero of the US onto your travel calendar, right? Here are some ideas, tips, and places of interest for those who are considering the Midwest as their next travel destination.

Somewhere To Sleep When You Don’t Need Luxury

There's No Place Like Home, In Kansas City! Why the midwest is your new hot spot travel destination.

It’s totally worth booking a hotel near Kansas City Airport so you're right in the middle of all the midwest action. Seriously, you have Missouri to the East, ALL of Kansas to the left, Nebraska isn't too far north. By staying near the airport you can ensure that your bedroom won’t cost a fortune so you can make the most of everything else. Booking your hotel early will ensure that you can plan the rest of your trip accordingly because this will establish your landing point. A lot of the activities you do will correlate with how far away they are from your hotel.

Think about the sort of vacation or trip that you want to have. I'm assuming that will include delicious food, maybe historic sites, and an evening of live entertainment before heading back to where you know your belongings are and you can get a good night’s sleep. Or, maybe you’d prefer to immerse yourself further in the atmosphere and live like a local in B&Bs, to get a more authentic experience, but just know there is a good chance you will be surrounded by cornfields. There are plenty of options for those traveling on a shoestring, so it’s worth taking a look online and deciding what to book.

Put Your Sneakers On And Leave The Hotel

There's No Place Like Home, In Kansas City! Why the midwest is your new hot spot travel destination.

The Midwest is steeped in American history, and you’ll have no trouble discovering a museum to hang out in, a landmark, or a famous restaurant to grab some well-deserved affordable grub. Trust me when I say you'll want to wear your elasticated pants!

It might be worth making a list of where you want to go and what you want to see. Whether you decide to get tickets for popular places like the Old Cowtown Museum or venture into the abandoned Kansas city workhouse. You don’t want to arrive anywhere and leave disappointed, so find out where everyone wants to experience their time in Kansas.

Top Suggestions:
  • Dorthy's House and the Land of Oz
  • Loose Park Rose Garden
  • National WWII Museum
  • Tom's Town Distilling Company

Grab some grub

The Sunflower State is renowned for an array of delicious dishes, so it’s only right that you sample some of what’s on offer during your stay. If you’re craving BBQ hot wings or ribs, you’ll need to head to Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que. The team there have been winning the award for best BBQ for decades! For even more food, including tacos and French cuisine, not to mention some of the best places to grab a beer; take a look online and start planning your belly's Midwestern adventure.

Get a decent and a half photo

There's No Place Like Home, In Kansas City! Why the midwest is your new hot spot travel destination.

Surprisingly, there are a LOT of landmarks in Kansas calling your camera's name. HELLO?! They have the worlds largest shuttlecocks. I can see the Instagram captions now. Check out Kansas City's giant bookshelf. It's a mural painted on the side of the Kansas City library. You book bloggers will get a real kick out of it.

If none of that is enough, take a walk down their cute avenues. They have some very homely touches. If you're in town around a holiday you'll be sure to see the streets and storefronts lined with homemade crafts. It's a very local crazed town so support your local crafter and pop into any of their boutique shops for a unique gift.

I think the midwest doesn't get enough credit for what it is. Sure, it's not a top spot where celebrities are hanging out (that you know of) but it this region has its own charm. You just have to look for it. 

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