Blogging vs Instagramming: Here's Why I'm Sticking to Blogging

Blogging vs Instagramming: Here's Why I'm Sticking to Blogging

Have you heaver heard of the saying "Don't build your house on someone else's land?" I heard this recently at a conference I went to for my day job and it really resonated with me. This is the motto of a lot of successful entrepreneurs. It essentially means that you shouldn't build an empire on something that you don't have 100% control over. Starting with a home base that you can control will work better for you in the long run.

Instagram is on the rise. Which is so great! Instagram is a fantastic tool for bloggers. I love being able to share my experiences with others via Instagram and I love being regularly updated on my friend's lives if I don't have the ability to see them all that often. It's a great tool for app users. 

Recently, I've seen a lot of bloggers switch to Instagram, and dwindle off their blog. They may post occasionally on their personal blog but tend to keep to lengthy captions on Instagram. That is what they use as their blog. Totally acceptable. There is no right or wrong way to blog. If you have something to say, I want to hear (see) it! 

However, this is not how I choose to go about my online presence. I like to think of Instagram as more of a tool than a blogging platform. I  crafted the Daily Cup of JoJo. I created its mission, I choose when to post, and I choose what to post. I am my own boss when it comes to my blog.  

Blogging vs Instagramming: Here's Why I'm Sticking to Blogging

Is there a difference between Blogging and Instagram?
I think blogs provide a unique perspective and a higher dedication level. You have to produce pictures, content, work on marketing campaigns, perfect search engine optimization and shamelessly blast your blog everywhere.  Blogs allow people to be their quirky selves through the internet. 

Instagram has a simple and clean set up where you post a picture, write your caption, tag the appropriate people, and hashtag the hell out of your post so others will find it. The con I see is with Instagram making an easier platform for Public Figures to have an impact on consumer culture, their followers interact with them strictly on Instagram, taking them away from other sources of the internet.

Instagram has also been known to, unintentionally, make others feel bad about themselves. Instead of Instagram's original model of hoping its users will think "this person is just like me," they issued a negative style that says "this person is so much better than me." That's the part I really don't agree with. No one has the life they put on their profile. 

I can't recall a time a blog made me feel bad about myself because they had so many more followers than me. You know why? Half the time you have NO IDEA how big their following is. There is a real natural beauty in that. 

There are limitations to social media outlets.

It is becoming more and more common for people to not have social media profiles. If they're not on Instagram, they're probably not on Facebook or any other social media platform, BUT they are still (more than likely) on the internet. Hell will freeze over twice before Instagram phases out, but the concept is, more people have access to the internet in general than they do to social media platforms.  

What happens if Instagram decided only verified users could have a profile? Or if they decide to start charging for profiles? What about if Instagram just isn't cool anymore? These are all little things I don't have control over, and if you know me, I have my hands in everything (I have a problem with delegation). 

If I put all my efforts and eggs into Instagram and the unthinkable happens and (shh...) Instagram dies out, then my empire that I have built up to 119K dies out too! Whose to say all of those followers will follow you to the next hot social media virtual hangout? 
Blogging vs Instagramming: Here's Why I'm Sticking to Blogging

With blogging, I keep all of those factors under my own control. 

Basically, I won't build my internet house on a rented lot. Owners make the rules, not the tenants. On Instagram, we are all tenants. Yes, we can decorate our house and maybe even do a little construction but at the end of the day, the place is never really ours. I see social media apps as a tool and not a permanent fixture.

So in the Blogging vs Instagram debacle, I think I'll stick to keeping my focus on my blog and soon-to-be shop (if you haven't heard the news be sure to CLICK HERE).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this? Come one come all, bloggers, Instagrammers, and spectators this is here all fall... okay that was a lame rhyme, but its lat and a little wine tipsy. Comment below!

Blogging vs Instagramming: Here's Why I'm Sticking to Blogging


  1. I love the way you think about this! While I'm not about to give up on social media, writing / blogging is where I want my focus sharpened. It's where I have control, it's where I feel my influence is strongest. Great post.

  2. I can NOT agree with you more!! I have always strived SO much harder to work on growing my instagram following for years and it has SUCH slow growth! This year I finally took the plunge to start growing not only my insta but, my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and I cant believe how I took them for granted before! Not only did I start focusing more on each platform and spreading out my time and resources but, I also did a complete revamp of my blog and have spent a lot of time researching how to use the best "Bait worthy" titles, designing great pins and images, adding SEO to my posts, adding tags to my posts, adding categories, and updating older posts!! Thanks so much for reminding me that Im on the right path! I would be devastated if Instagram just one day shut down and I had nothing else to show for all of my years of work!! xo. Steph

  3. I agree with you 100%! I have noticed that some of the bloggers I follow on Instagram have been adding really lengthy captions to their photos and wondered why but like you said, to each their own. I use Instagram as a tool, like you stated, to help reach more people. Great post!

    Lena //

  4. i love your blog! I just found it. AMEN I feel the same!! i will never stop focusing on my blog <3