Irrational Fears I Still Experience As An Adult

Thursday, October 11, 2018 Las Vegas, NV, USA

Irrational Fears I Still Experience As An Adult

Here is a list of irrational fears that I still have to this day. People talk a lot about irrational fears you have as a kid, but I’m 24, like an actual adult, and these things still freak me out.
Maybe you can relate to some of these with me, or maybe you can let me know I’m off my rocker and need to get over this.

Car washes

It’s not the car wash itself, it’s the maneuvering your car onto the track that is SO intimidating. What if I can’t do it correctly and I have to reverse and try again then the attendant and anyone behind me just starts laughing at me because I can’t drive! I don’t want to succumb to that type of pressure!

Pumping up my tires

Seriously, how does anyone get over the fear of putting too much air in their tire, the tire exploding, and blasting off half of your face? How is that not a concern for most people? I refuse to pump up my tires. I ALWAYS go to discount tire when my light comes on because they pump them up for free. How selfish of a human being am I because I figured by tipping them a couple dollars the sanity of my face not being blown off is saved?

My curling iron heating up WAY too fast

When I plug my curling iron in and I mistakenly hold it from the barrel it will heat up so fast and burn my hands. I don’t know how to explain this irrational fear honestly. Who holds a curling iron by the barrel while plugging it in? (Me.) This is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes I think I like to test my irrational fear and hold the barrel anyways while I plug it in, just to prove my fear is irrational. The curling iron has yet to heat up instantly and burn my hand, but the thought is STILL there.

There’s a scorpion in my shoe

This is probably the most justified irrational fear because I have a story to go along with this. I was performing in my church’s Christmas program about two years ago and we were in the middle of a costume change.  A fellow dancer of mine was changing her boots and went to go put the other boot on. Thank goodness she tipped her boot over in the process because out came tumbling was a scorpion. I have been scared ever since. I shake my shoes EVERY time I go to put them on.

Someone will come to attack me while I am in the shower

This is the most vulnerable state a person can be in, why wouldn’t you? You’re naked, wet, and probably don’t have an exit route that doesn’t include bypassing the intruder. AKA, you’re a naked, wet goner. Plus the water is such a sound shelter. You wouldn’t be able to hear anything! Just

Something will almost definitely bite my toes in the ocean

I have to wear shoes to the beach because I KNOW I’ll step on a crab or a jellyfish. I can’t have that kind of agony or humiliation. So I’d rather humiliate myself wearing water shoes and a bikini. I can go until the beach doesn't feel sandy anymore without shoes but anything beyond that, the water shoes are coming on. Plus the rocks are sharp. If I don't have water shoes I clench my toes so hard I get a cramp. It's a real problem. 


Alright this isn’t like an actual irrational fear because a lot of people have this fear. Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity and let me tell you I am TERRIFIED of the concept of forever. Time, space, or anything having to do with no end is just absurd and WAY too much for me to think about. It’s a dark place. I'm going to stop typing about it because this topic just gets my brain going and I don't need this in the middle of my Thursday. 

So, what do you think? am I off my rocker here with these? What are some of your irrational fears? 

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