The Right Way to Experience Miami

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Miami, FL, USA

The Right Way to Experience Miami

Florida may be the sunshine state but Miami is the Magic City. I think the real reason is the spectacular sunsets and balmy breezes but history says otherwise. Miami is known as the Magic City because its population grew from 1,000 folks to 5.5 million in just 100 years. Legend says people just appeared out of thin air. Okay, I made that part up but aside from Pitbull advertising Miami's heat in every one of his songs, what makes Miami so attractive to the world?

Miami offers world-renowned experiences that you have to consider when planning a trip there.

Take a Bike Tour

As cheesy as bike tours are, you will want to travel by bike once 4:00p.m. traffic hits. 5.5 million people getting off work is not a force to be reckoned with. Rent the two-wheelers and pick a point of interest. There are lots of routes to take, and you can also cycle as part of a group with a guide. It's a different way to tour a city but the views are much better on a bike than on some stuff tour bus or car.

Take sights in at the Art Deco District

The Right Way to Experience Miami- Take sights in at the Art Deco District
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Miami is known for its stunning Art Deco architecture, and you have to see it for yourself There are so many colorful structures in particular districts, especially along the seafront. A lot of the hotels really embrace the Art Deco architecture style. If you end up staying seaside, your hotel is bound to be your best-found Instagram spot. Take a leisurely stroll through these parts of Miami and see all the different types of buildings and colors.

Explore Little Havana

Little Havana is the main part of Miami that has been influenced by Cuban culture. Havana is the capital of Cuba, so that's where the idea of Little Havana comes from. This community is the most vibrant and interesting in Miami, and you should definitely take in the music and the food when you’re in Little Havana. You have to get a Cuban sandwich. Any sandwich stand or shop will do because they've almost all been featured on the food network. Pork and swiss cheese piled onto Cuban bread; there's not a wrong way to make Plancha (Cuban sandwich). Ugh, my mouth is watering now.

Take to the Water

The Right Way to Experience Miami- Take to the water

Miami's heat will get to you so cool off by renting a boat and getting on the water. This is a great way to see Miami from a different angle. Miami is situated right on the so if you rent a boat at BOAT.ME you will have a fun and relaxing way to spend your time in Miami. Boat parties are quite common in Florida. If you do some research on Facebook or local events you might be able to see where the fun is. There are live bands, drinks, and really good company.

Spend Plenty of Time on the Beach

The Right Way to Experience Miami- Spend plenty of time on the beach

Don't forget to chill and zone out on Miami's beaches. Take it easy on the beach by the sea; enjoy the sun and sand. Miami has some of the best beaches in the world. The atlantic water is so warm, there are plenty of surf shacks, eateries, and shopping to do along the seafront as well. Pack a blanket and a beach towel!

There’s so much going on in Miami, so you’ll definitely want to experience it in every way you can. On the land, sea, maybe even hanging from a palm tree. It’s one of those cities that has more to do than you’ll ever be able to pack into one visit, so you’ll probably want to start planning your next visit as soon as your first one is over.

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