Too Cool for California? Try Wine Time In Other States!

As a West coaster, California is usually the first state that comes to mind when I think of going on a wine tour. Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are the main regions I would venture to. They're close and have REALLY good wine, but I've already seen both of these vineyards, so now where should I go to get my wine tour fix? that come to mind but for those looking for another type of wine experience, there are plenty of other places you can try for great wine and fun wine tours too.


Let's go slightly north of California, where there is a whole new wine world one state line over. I was actually just informed that Oregon has wineries, and apparently they have some USA renowned wines. Book a hotel in Albany, Oregon if you want to be in the center of the Oregon wine region. The vineyards offer a variety of tastings such as red and white wines and some wineries, like Willamette Valley Vineyards, have a food menu too, so you can pair your wine with a fun little snack. That's my kind of vineyard. The great thing about Oregon wine tours is that there are several ways to "tour" You can take a car, a bus, bike from vineyard to vineyard or even kayak! Can you drink and row? Is that illegal? #AskingForAFriend.


Kentucky is much better known for its bourbon than its wine. However, it's the bourbon industry that adds something interesting to the wine made there. Many of the wines made in Kentucky are made in bourbon barrels, giving them a distinct flavor. On a Kentucky trip, you could spend your time tasting both bourbons and wines. I know right? What a twist on a wine tour. I know I wouldn't go on a tour that was solely for bourbon tasting but throw it in with a wine tour and you have my attention. Just be careful when it comes to mixing your drinks, ay? There are lots of wine tours on offer to help you explore what Kentucky has to offer.

New York

In New York, the Finger Lakes region is where you want to be for all your grape goodies. Why is this important? You need grapes to make wine... silly. Finger Lakes is probably one of the best areas for grapes to grow. Making your wine crisp and full of aromas. This area is a beautiful, natural place with lots of outdoor activities along the way. Another New York option is to head to Long Island. There are about 60 vineyards and 30 vineries on the north fork of the island. Sounds like someone has some sampling to do. Stay in the city and take a wine tour from there, making it easy and convenient for you.


Virginia is home to the Monticello Wine Trail, named after the home of Thomas Jefferson, who was one of the first Americans to try winemaking. God bless America and the Founding Fathers. You'll find some of the best wineries in the state near his home in Charlottesville. You can find some great wine tours around Charlottesville, so that might be a good place to park for your visit. Other tours run from Roanoke, Virginia Beach and a variety of other locations. You could even stay in Washington DC and explore the outskirts of the city for fabulous winery fun.

If you're bored of California, explore some other top wine states instead. You'll find that many have excellent wine scenes.

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  1. I'm sure the wine in other states are amazing too!


    1. Im really excited about the Bourbon and wine tastings in Kentucky!