How I Found a Work Outfit for Under $12 (Shoes Included)!

Thursday, October 4, 2018 Las Vegas, NV, USA

How I Found a Work Outfit for Under $12 (Shoes Included)!

"Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?" 
"What, what, what,"
 *kills the track* 
Not today friends.

I do not consider myself a fashion blogger by ANY means. I think I have a decent enough style to get me by but I don’t feel my outfits are “shop my style” worthy if you know what I mean. I am a budget shopper though and will internally (sometimes externally) scream when I score on a clothing piece.

Fashion magazines and I have very different opinions on what “affordable” is so I pretty much thrift, Postmark, or DePop everything I own now. 

I am not naive to the fact that there are just some things you can’t find (or use) secondhand so int hat case I'll browse in the clearance section of department stores or boutique shops, which is where this outfit comes into play

This $12 outfit consists of brand new, tags on, clothing items. HOLLLA

How I Found a Work Outfit for Under $12 (Shoes Included)!

Let’s start with the top.

If you’re willing to put the work in and sift through a plethora of clearance racks, you can easily find some treasures. It is such a good feeling when you pick up an item you like and are pleasantly surprised by the low markdowns. Khols is King when it comes to this method. They typically have a rack full of 80% off items. Sometimes its crap but sometimes you can score.

I scored this Candie's light blue chiffon collard, button down tank with a ruffle across the chest at a Khols about six months ago and it was only $4! Solid gold was just sitting there right in front of my eyes. My size, my color, mine now.

How I Found a Work Outfit for Under $12 (Shoes Included)!

Next, let's go to the shoes. I'm saving the pants for last because that's my favorite part.

I scored these about a year ago at Rue 21 when studded closed-toe shoes were heavy and trending. Of course, these were in their clearance section, and they had any size imaginable. They must have just marked these puppies down because I tried on three different size 7s. I'm very thorough in my shoe selections. Now I wear these babies out to clubs, work, or concerts. They're extremely comfy and way more versatile than I imagined $5 would get me. Yes, $5! Major scorage.

How I Found a Work Outfit for Under $12 (Shoes Included)!

Okay, my favorite part. I'm sure by now you can do some math. 

If I spent $12 on this outfit; my top was $4 and my heels were $5, that could only mean these pants were $3. Even better, they were $2.40. The $12 was just a roundup for tax purposes. Oh yeah, baby, < $3 for these pants, and guess what? They're actual pixie pants from Old Navy! These style of pants typically have fun patterns on them but I got a basic black pair.

These skinny pixie cut, working woman pants were just waiting for me to pick them up on the sale rack. I went to Old Navy just before summer started so all of their pants were on a mega sale. 

An alternative option is you can wear the same outfit for a week and no one will notice. That's what I did. You can read about that experience here.

Do you have any stores you've scored at? Old Navy seems to be my ultimate end zone. I recently picked up a pair of leggings for $0.01. I couldn't believe it. Payless is another spot that with the right coupons you can really do some damage. I'd love to know your thrift secrets!

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