14 Kane Brown Experiment Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Holiday Captions This Season

Friday, November 9, 2018 Nashville, TN, USA

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If you didn't know, I am really not sure how you wouldn't know, but it's fine, Kane Brown's new album finally came out. Just in time for the magical moments of the holidays too! As if Kane Brown's original album wasn't constantly stuck in your head his new album Experiment is a real heart-gripper that will inspire any and every holiday romance photo you post this season. When your holiday crazed mind is sick of racking your brain for a caption that keeps that effortlessly cool facade (come on, we all do it), Kane Brown's words of magic will be there for you or check out my other Instagram posts for more caption inspo!

  1. "If home is where the heart is, I'm homesick for you."-Homesick
  2. "Heaven knows it, that all I wanna do, is be alone with you."-Homesick
  3. "Got a bottle of Jack and cheap red wine. Yeah, our own little world."- Weekend
  4. "Just chillin on the weekend, sippin something on the cheap end."- Weekend
  5. "Nothin to do, nowhere to be, right here with you, and you with me." Weekend
  6. "Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of my life."-Good As You (OMG I can see the engagement photos now) 
  7. "You're what this world should be."-Good as You
  8. "Let's lose it tonight." - Lose It
  9. "If it's love, we both know what it's gonna take, work." - Work
  10. " I know we just met, but I already miss you." One Night Only
  11. "I don't want to love you just for one night only." -One Night Only
  12. "I wanna be your Fridays baby, and your Tuesdays too."- One Night Only
  13. "Hey whatchu doin in a thousand years?"- Live Forever
  14. "If all we get is just to be together, it makes me wanna live forever." Live Forever

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Country Lyrics Instagram Captions| Love Quote Instagram Captions | Summer Instagram Captions

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