Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

Friday, November 2, 2018 Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Booking your tickets and hotel isn’t all you have to do before jetting off. Packing your suitcase and carefully selecting weather appropriate items and activity-based accessories is a real travel task. I am notorious for forgetting something I didn't think I would need but ended up wanting. Now I've become one of those "I don't need it, but I might need it, so I'm going to bring it" types of packers, and I haven't looked back. Investing in some travel essentials that you can incorporate into your packing checklist will ease your packing process upon landing in your destination. 

Here is my Travel Essential List and Guide I follow before jetting off.

Reusable Tote Bags

I suggest bringing more than one (2-3) but bring one at the bare minimum. These are great for holding all of your activity needs, provides separation while transporting wet swimsuits without getting everything else wet, and they're easily foldable. You can fold them up easily in your purse or suitcase and they make instant storage access for when you need them. It's a very useful piece of equipment.


Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

This can be broken down into categories depending on what you're doing but should not be forgotten. Most vacations will see you get into the water at some point or another. Whether you are dipping in a pool at the hotel or diving head first into the sea, you’re going to need some suitable swimwear for the occasion. Even if you don’t intend to come into contact with the water, you’re probably going to want some swimwear to lounge around the pool in. There are still indoor pools around folks. A good dip in the middle of winter will do us all some good. 

A good rule of thumb: It is generally recommended that you take one piece of swimwear for every three days that you will be on vacation, so invest in an appropriate number of swimmy suits. Consider these types of swimwear while packing.


Bikinis are the most popular type of swimwear amongst women on vacation. With the two separate pieces, you are given maximum tanning opportunity. Bikini's also dry a lot more quickly than a full swimsuit, so if you g for a quick dip the night before you pack up and head home or to your next travel spot your swimwear won't leave all your other clothes all soggy. Ew. Plus, let's face it, bikinis are way easier to maneuver when nature calls because all those Mojitos are catching up with you and you need to run to the restroom.

One Piece Swimsuits

Sure, most people will sport a bikini on vacation, but one-pieces are making a comeback and have more options in style than ever before. They cover more skin and are great for those of us who are a little more conscious about our bodies while accentuating the parts of our bodies we love. They also hold more design potential, as designers have more space and material to work with. Just be wary of how your tan lines might look after wearing the swimsuit. Strappy and cut out options may look good on, but if you are going to be sunbathing in them all day, you could end up with an odd looking tan.


This is for the extremists. If you’re going on more of an active vacation and intend to spend long periods of time out at sea in the water, you might want to invest in a wetsuit. This is more protective and covers more of your body, making it a preferable option if you run the risk of rubbing against coral, which can be sharp. If you have booked a diving excursion of sorts, a wetsuit may be included, and you may not have to invest in one of your own - ask to check.


If you want something that can easily be thrown on between heading from your room to the pool, or for going between the pool and buffet, you may want to consider a cover-up. Hotels typically provide robes, but they can be a little too heavy you're in the humidity. Plus, if I see someone sitting in a robe at the buffet, I will judge. Sorry, not sorry. A cover-up is a lightweight piece of fabric that can be slung on over your swimwear or underwear without too much hassle or fuss. There are plenty of different designs out there! Alternatively, you could invest in a sarong, which can be tied around your waist.


These come in hand for a lot of reasons. In countries that have more rural ways of living, these are great for showering in. Flip flops are also extremely useful for a quick walk to the local market or bouncing around from activity to activity at the hotel. If you are going somewhere beachy, well then you probably already have these on the list. 

An Evening Outfit

Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

Many people forget to pack evening outfits when they head away on vacation (i.e., me). I know I think about what I'm are going to wear out in the day without becoming too hot, but it’s important to remember that you may find yourself heading out for a nice evening meal or to explore the local nightlife. Browse boutiques with dresses for a stunning evening ensemble. Casual dresses are great for humid destinations as they won't get too hot and will serve well for simply roaming the shopping, restaurants, and bars nearby. Cocktail dresses are pretty reliable for a night out in the bars and clubs which is the most common for vacationers. In rare cases, if you’re heading to the local theatre, an opera, or maybe a ballet performance, you might want to consider something more formal like a gown. These can be annoying to pack so I'd be sure of this activity before boarding and I'd invest in some of those vacuum-sealed bags for transporting purposes. 

A Comfy Tee

Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

This will be to change into after wearing the previously mentioned evening outfit. Cover Your Basics offers multiple comfy tees to pick from that are so soft you could sleep in them or go out in them. Talk about versatile. Only the softest materials are ordered with a fun saying on the front too! Travel friendly!

Downloaded Yoga Sessions

Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

Yoga and Meditation are very important to me and there is no better time to do either than when I'm on vacation. My mind is already at ease and I'm feeling stress-free until I find out wifi is not free or not even an option. BOO! Download a couple of yoga sessions. I use Yoga Wake Up to download all of my sessions because they offer a lot of diversity in their meditation and yoga series. Yoga is sometimes offered as an amenity but not always. Go out on the terrace or beach, pop in some headphones and get your zen on!


I wouldn't invest in an expensive pair of sunnies. You know the minute you do they're doomed until you lose them. Get some cheapy cheap ones from Target. They're cute, practical, and most provide UV protection which is essential if you're going to a beach-like destination. Sunglasses can be easily overlooked. Check twice that you've packed them. You will want them. 

Dice and/or Deck of Cards

Quit playing games with games and pack the damn dice and cards. There are so many games that could be played with these tools when you're relaxing or passing time. People you meet along the way will have a game you've never played before and you might be able to entice someone in a game of your own. Unless you plan on bringing a whole board game, these are a very versatile option to consider.

A Fun Hat

Your Travel Essentials: Everything You'll Wish To Have On Any Trip Ever

People tend to forget that their scalp needs protection too!🙋🏻Even if you have long or thick hair, the sun’s rays can still penetrate through to your scalp, and you will end up sunburnt. It’s challenging to apply sunscreen to your scalp so you can protect yourself with a sunhat. A good option tends to be a wicker floppy hat. This is protective for your head and shoulder, cute, and will match almost any outfit you put together. Alternatively, a fun dad baseball cap will do the trick just as easily. 

Headphone Splitter

This is honestly a really good investment. If you're traveling in pairs and you both want to watch a movie or listen to a podcast, a headphone splitter is totally ideal. You can still get by sharing headphone but why bother with that hassle when you can both have the best of both worlds. I got mine on Amazon for $9.

If you pack all of these different items in your suitcase, you should be pretty set to go! So, start browsing the different options out there, try things on before you head away, and fold everything up nicely in your case!

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travel essentials | packing list example | how to pack for a weekend | what to pack for the beach | what to pack for a hike | what to pack for a mini trip | what to pack for vacation


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