Winter Wonderlands: Hot And Cold Vacation Ideas For Winter

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Winter Wonderlands: Hot And Cold Vacation Ideas For Winter
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Well, winter is upon us. Seriously, I have a vest on so the temps have officially dropped. And with it comes the big question, are you going to embrace the season and attend all of those festive parties, or are you looking to flee all the white? Some of us are truly in our element when it's winter, but some of us have our own winter wonderland that involves beaches instead of snow and sunshine over fog. I prefer the later but I'm not a total winter Scrooge. There are plenty of places I'd love to travel to over the holiday break.


Congress Street is the freakin' spot. Let me tell ya. There are a bunch of activities going on and all buildings are equipped for all types of weather. The temps are generally warmer down in this cacti forest but they're not opposed to some winter temps. I wouldnt count on snow if you catch my drift. There are a few botanical gardens decorated in Christmas lights and a bunch of bars that have mini events going on all of the time. You'll get your a ncie Christmas buzz walking around downtown for sure.

Classic New York

New York has always been a dream of mine. Is there anything more Christmassy than New York City? Doesn't it seem like the winter season is permanently associated with New York. Every Christmas movie ever takes place int he magical city. Kevin from Home Alone 2 really had it made. Part of the New Yorker's Christmas, in many people's minds (definitely mine), is that gargantuan tree in Rockefeller Plaza. And for anybody that's never been to the Big Apple, it's on everyone's bucket list to see. If you've got the opportunity, you need to go! Do it for me, and send lots of pictures! If you're looking for a last minute option, New York provides so much. Here is an event calendar for New York so you can see what is going on, but everybody knows there are a million and one things to do in this decked out city.

Rock in Rio

I'm not talking about the music festival. If you're absolutely sick of the idea of snow, and you want color, vibrancy, and overwhelming heat, Rio de Janeiro is the party capital of the winter season. As December is prime summertime, you can take in as much Vitamin D as your body can cope, not to mention the amazing cocktails while lazing under palm trees on the beach. The only fat men with beards here are wearing flip-flops and, hopefully, bathing shorts!

The Keys to Florida

The Florida Keys off the southern coast provides that combination of Christmas with a more comfortable temperature. Florida is not just a place for people to retire to. If you're looking for a destination that gives you the sunshine, but you've got family that wants to celebrate Christmas in a traditional manner, Florida has both sides covered. If you're looking for numerous activities, like Christmas towns or outdoor activities you've got them! And, if you want to travel a bit further north, the family-friendly resorts provides Christmas in a sunshine package!

Splash some Cologne on it

If you want to feel completely freezing cold, and you want to soak in the Christmas spirit, Cologne in Germany has seven Christmas markets that give you so many options; you can drink eggnog punch, and navigate around Santa, his elves, and definitely angels! When you're looking for that warming sensation, wrapped up in scarves, coats, and you want to travel through the winter weather, witness the twinkly lights, and feel jolly to your very core, Cologne is almost perfect in every way!

Love it or hate it, winter can be an incredibly magical time, especially with Christmas, but if you are a Scrooge, you don't have to spend time surrounded by pine needles and the same songs on heavy rotation. Instead, you can take in the warmth and the party atmosphere of the southern hemispheres. Soak it up, drink it down, whatever you want to do, just enjoy the winter time, whatever the temperature!

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Winter Wonderlands: Hot And Cold Vacation Ideas For Winter


  1. This post just made me realize I am in desperate need of a winter vacation! Great list girl, I'm honestly thinking westward is the way for me.
    Great read! xo Bri

    1. The cold can be so bitter sometimes. Its nice to get away from all the holiday bustle. Year after year, christmas vacations seem more and more inviting haha.


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