Here's a Fabulous Idea That Will Get You To Read More in 2019

Here's a Fabulous Idea That Will Get You To Read More in 2019

So you want to read more in the new year? GOOD FOR YOU! Dinosaurs didn't read, and now they're extinct... I don't think that's a coincidence. 
I dedicated more time to reading last year and I read about 10 more books in 2018 than I did in 2017. I went from reading maybe 2 books a year to reading 12 books a year. How stellar is that?! What's even better is I read books I wouldn't typically pick up but those were some of the best finds and I have it all to thank this one fun little reading tool. 

Surprisingly, my boyfriend told me about this idea and I was SO stoked about it. His cousin orchestrated this concept with their family and it's a great way to keep connected when you're so far apart!

Are you ready for it?! The fabulous idea that will get you to read more in 2019 is....

Here's a Fabulous Idea That Will Get You To Read More in 2019

How Book BINGO works:

The best part is if you have to skip a month because, well, life gets busy, you can always play catch up or you can skip that month, catch the next one, or even pick up a shorter read to get the square! 

Let me tell you why Book BINGO helped me read more last year.
It is a brilliant way to get you to read more.
We are all dealt randomized bingo cards with all of the same 24 book reading options. Each month a new square is drawn. If you read a book in the category that is drawn you mark off the square. Once you have 5 in a row you win! This is all typically done through a Facebook group.

I felt more compelled to read by participating in Book Bingo. I had a group of people all wanting to see life through another set of eyes via the written word. We shared book suggestions, or what we planned on picking up for the month. We were all very honest because there were definitely times when we picked up a children's book that fit the category bill or skipped out on reading Moby Dick. 

If you break up your 'read more' resolution into one book a month, it doesn't sound too scary. Sometimes you'll get a page turner and sometimes it will take you THE WHOLE month to read your pick. That's how the reading flow goes, you know?

So, how do you start Book BINGO?

I've got you covered. I have book bingo cards ready to go and a facebook group ready to be filled with eager resolutioners!

Here's a Fabulous Idea That Will Get You To Read More in 2019

Join the Book BINGO group.

1. Join my Facebook Bingo group by clicking HERE and don't forget to introduce yourself!

1.a. (Don't have facebook?! Not a problem. When you drop your email below you will automatically be signed up via email to receive all monthly picks AND you'll get your randomized  FREE book bingo card.)

2. Drop your e-mail in the box below to receive your FREE Book Bingo PDF card. Please allow 24 hours to receive your Bingo card.

Download your Bingo Card here!

* indicates required

3. Print out your bingo card. I like to print mine on cardstock so it stays nice and pretty :)

4. Wait for the first square to be drawn on Jan 1, 2019!

5. Start reading your fantastic pick based on the category that was drawn,

6. Mark your square once finished. I like to use stickers, it makes the process more rewarding!

7. First, one to post a picture of their card with 5 in a row and name all of the books they read in that row in the group or via email is the WINNER!

Late to the party? No problem! Catch up with previous drawings or start with this months pick! 

Book Bingo Incentives 

If you help me get 25 people in this group I'll up the ante and put in a $25 Amazon gift card for the winner!

Spread the word and tag me on social media once you receive your bingo card and ill give you a shout out!

Instagram: @_cupofjojo
Twitter: @_cupofjojo

Share with your friends and let's get our reading glasses on! 

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Here's a Fabulous Idea That Will Get You To Read More in 2019


  1. Book Bingo is such a cute idea!

  2. I love these ideas! Adding a game of bingo into any event makes in 10 times more fun!

  3. What a cute idea! I've never heard of this before, but it sounds awesome :)

  4. This looks so fun! I signed up through email!