Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I hope you're reading this because you're tucked away in you bed fighting a wine hangover,  have wrapping paper stuck to a part of your body, and have A Christmas Story running in the background because that means you had a GOOD Christmas. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. 

Well, I for one am in the Christmas spirit still. We spend all of this time leading up to Christmas and then POOF, the holidays are over. So here I am talking about holiday cards, because, well, I feel like have my life semi together and have successfully sent them out the past two years. 

If you havent sent yours yet, don't worry, there's still time. I for one am a fan of recieveing holiday cards after Christmas. Just when I think my mailbox will be empty a wild holiday card appears! Plus, New Years is still considered a holiday, so if you ask me, you're still not late. 

Okay enough with my ramble....

I'm diving into holiday cards in this post. Ever since I've been living on my own I have sent a total of two cards I've done SOLO. Both have been very last minute and both have included poor choices for the whole family to see but I guess I like burning the stick at both ends. 

But I have to be honest. I was kind of stumped on what to put on my Christmas cards. I Pinterest searched a whole slew of them and I just kept finding girls drinking wine with something on there that said "Merry Christmas from Emily, Just Emily," and although I'm not married I'm not single? I have a boyfriend who I adore so I didn't think that was fair because he doesn't have Christmas card privileges yet, you know?

Flashback to 2017. This is my first year on my own. Literally, I've figured out a whole lot in this year, and the bits that I didn't figure out, I just drank a glass of wine the whole way through it. 

So, what does the girl who's not single, lives on her own, and has a lot more of it together than she gives herself credit for put on a Christmas card?

Pictured below is my first card from 2017.

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

There's me trying to be a Christmas tree electrician, and then me taking a wine break, then me trying again to figure out how to not get tangled up in lights while wrapping my tree, and then me taking a longer break because I'm pretty sure my tree stayed like that the rest of the holiday season.

Here's a closer look... 

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

I got a couple chuckles out of this one. It's just a very accurate representation of my daily life put onto paper, but hey, seasons greetings are still greetings, am I right? I actually took all of these photos myself. One of the many perks of living on my own is my creativity is through the roof. 

I made this bad boy in the Walgreens holiday card app. So I just sent in my very crafty selfies, organized them to read like a timeline of events, wrote a little merry message and sent them on my merry way. They even came with envelopes. Ugh, Walgreens. You think of everything.

Now in 2018....

Come to the present day, I found myself in a similar situation again this year. I am still with my boyfriend, still living on my own, and still having a lot more of it together than I give myself credit for. It's hard doing solo cards unless you just own your singleness or have some sort of pet to throw in your photo too.

I really like the idea of year-end stories, but I have a blog, so all my stories are already out there. I could send out all 121 of my blog posts, but that seems excessive... I settled on tidbits of information. 

Pictured below is my second card from 2018.

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

I stated where I traveled to throughout the year, a few things I was proud of, and then some random fun facts about how I spend my time. This was the area that gained the most attention because in this red box I disclosed my longest nap on record, how many books I read, and how many bottles of wine I've consumed. 

Here's a closer look...

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

I got a lot of comments about the wine bottles. Which is literally only 2 a month if you think about it, but that's what seemed to catch everyone's attention. HELLO?! I read 12 books this year. I haven't read that much in YEARS. I am so proud of myself.

Next year I think I'll take the wine fact out and let the world know how often I actually finish off a box of Triscuits for dinner. That'll show em.

All in all, I'm really proud of how this card turned out and I'll probably follow this format again in the future.

I've actually had inquires about making Christmas cards from the most recent one I've put out so if you'd like me to make yours I charge $5 and then you get the digital file to do whatever you like with. I printed my cards using Vista Print because it's cheaper but I made this using a couple programs I have that I use for my t-shirts. But you can contact me using the box below if this interests you. Because all I need is another side hustle....

What do you put on your holiday cards? I'm clearly going to need ideas for next year. This will be a C.A.S.E. of Copy And Steal Everything.

Christmas Cards for the BossBabe Living on Her Own

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