Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event

Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event

I'm the first person to talk myself out of a networking event if I can. I don't like them. Putting people in a room full of people they don't know and forcing them to make conversations with others?  There has to be a more effective way of meeting people, right?

I'm sure there is, but that is not what this post is about. The hard fact is, networking events still exist and they can feel a little awkward, and TBH, pretty anxiety-inducing.

My first thought when that invitation comes across my screen is usually, "well, there's no way I'm suffering through this alone," and I plan to grab whoever is available and is remotely interested in the event. But as tempting as it may be to bring your wing woman along to that next networking event, you may have more to gain when you go alone. Here are a couple of reasons why you might not want to bring that friend to your next network event and try it out solo.

The perfect opportunity for building your confidence.

Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event
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Don't let negative self-talk make you think that you can't attend this event on your own. Fears like not knowing what to say if someone talks to you or what to do if no one talks to you are valid, but can and should be challenged! Grow your own confidence and push yourself out of your comfort zone at these networking events. Plus, the more practice you have networking, the easier it will get.

Having someone there distracts from the business networking reasons you are there.

Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event

You end up clinging to that person and letting them make all of the decisions. Let’s say you ask if they want to walk around and if they say no, you’re probably going to concede because you don’t want to leave their side and they probably don’t want to leave your side. From then, you will stay put in one area chitchatting about stuff that is completely irrelevant instead of circling the room.

Overshadowing is real, and really annoying.

Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event
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Let's say you do bring someone who is super extroverted and you will have no problem meeting others with them by your side. That sounds way too good to be true, all glory but no work? No. There is a good chance that friend will overshadow you. This is especially frustrating if you are both in the same field. Hello?! You brought them to this event and they walk out with all of the business connects. Ugh, rough.

I've come to the conclusion I don't like bringing friends with me to networking events. I think if you bring the right person it could be a goldmine for networking but if they are not used as a tool then they are used as a drag. I use wing people as a scapegoat to not talk to anybody so then I find myself wondering why I am there in the first place. Overall, the whole idea has a negative taste in my mouth, but I am getting better at this whole uncomfortable networking concept. Check back this Thursday to see my top networking tips and tricks. I’m not sure if Forbes would approve but they seem to be working for me.

 How do you feel about bringing someone along to a networking event? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Why You Should Ride Solo To Your Next Networking Event


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