18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult + A Scavenger Hunt Download

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

We’re older, were grown, and we’ve traded our Kool-Aid Jammers for Sangria. Birthday parties are not what they were when we were kids but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Décor can be confusing (because when is something too childish) and then at what point is pizza just a casual hangout with friends vs a birthday party? Adult birthday parties are tricky but I’ve rounded up a few clever, fun, and random birthday ideas you might want to try out.

Brunch at Night

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Are any of us really morning people?  Brunch will never go out of style, but why not spice things up and have brunch at night?! Either host yourself, tell your guests to bring their favorite dish or find a posh spot that serves brunch all day! Added fun requirement: Show up in your pajamas! 

Host a black and white dinner

Either cater in-house or go out to a swanky retro diner/restaurant. All guests are required to wear black and white clothing. You can decide how formal you want. Your guests will love how easy the color scheme is and it gives everyone the opportunity to step out of the present. Make sure to capture a black and white photo to commemorate the evening!

Run in a 5K!

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Do something way off the grid and gather your friends to run in a 5K race with you! Nothing says getting another year older like feeling all achey after a run! Find a cute lunch spot to head to afterward for celebratory drinks!

Host a funeral

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

A funeral to your youth. I consider thirty the death of my youth so catch me wearing all black in 5 years. Your youth years have come to a close and you are forced to grow up. Ugh rough

Desserts Only

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Dinner can be overrated, but desserts never are! No friend of mine is going to turn down a night of sweets. Make your fave recipe and have all your friends bring their fave too. If you want to be extra, pick a color scheme and have your friends stick to that! And if anybody asks, Rose IS a sweet. 

Progressive Dinner

Don’t stay in one spot for too long! Similar to bar hopping but there is food involved! Yum! Start your night off with drinks, then move to another spot for apps, hope over to a nearby restaurant for the main course, then find a sassy spot for coffee and dessert! You can also do this with friends homes if they’re feeling up to hosting!

Scavenger Hunt

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Scavenger hunts are always fun and are for all ages. You can set this up in any area of the town but areas with a lot of action make them a bit more fun. I did a scavenger hunt for my 24th birthday and it was some of my best memories. Download my scavenger hunt list and use it for your next birthday bash! Drop your email below and I'll email it directly to you!

Pearls & Pajamas Slumber Party

Gather your closest girlfriends, book a night at a chic hotel and have yourself an old-fashioned slumber party. Share trade secrets, eat decadent chocolates, have room service deliver hor 'd oeuvres , take photos, and stay up all night gabbing. The only rule, everyone has to be in silk pajamas at all times! 


18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Here are some themes you can try out and don't forget your parting gifts! These Boozy Koozies from Cover Your Basics are a real treat!

Classy vs Trashy - come dressed down or dressed to the nines. Really divide the room, you know what I mean?

Anything but cups - guests all need to bring their drinking container of choice but it cannot be a cup! Most creative wins a prize

Silk Party- Silk pajamas, chocolate, dresses, eye masks, and pillows (if you’ve read this far down you know I'm a fan of silk, it's comfy and chic!)

Pre-Game Christmas or Half off Christmas- Host a Christmas party for your birthday no matter what day of the year it is. Christmas in July or take advantage of Christmas sales if your birthday is considered 'after Christmas.’ Ugly sweaters haven't died yet.


18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

My granny loafers bring all the boys to the yard… Go to your local hall or casino and hit up bingo. Theme it and have your friends wear their best high-waters and glasses chains.

Game Night

Comfy clothes and board games all night?! How could that not be fun?

Beer Olympics

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

Have your friends bring a teammate, pick a country (dressing up as that country's culture is optional but fun), and play beer drinking games until the champion is declared. The winner of each game moves onto the next round. For a full rule set, check out the link here from BroBible


18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

If you live in the city, this is the move for you. It is like bar hopping only classier. Pop around from lounge to lounge, order a classy drink and hang out. Dress up a bit because you want to at least give off the appearance you can be classy.

Fondue Feast

-->Bring your favorite things to melt and dip because dinner is served! You would be surprised what everyone ends up bringing. Supply the chocoalte, cheese, skewers, and fondue pots and you have yourself a party!

Karaoke with a Theme

18 Birthday Party Ideas To Try Now That You're An Adult

I did Russian Rave Karaoke where everyone had to wear a faux fur piece. Why Russian Rave? No reason at all but throwing on some fake fur and sipping on Vodka sounds like a grand time. 

You're never too old to have a party, you're just too old to have your mom throw one for you. Hopefully one of these ideas will jumpstart your birthday celebrations.  Don't forget to download your scavnger hunt! All the work is done for you, you just have to pick the spot!

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