Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

Okay, so the resolutioners have taken over the gym. Machine lines are longer than ever and if you see one more savage use a squat rack to curl you're going to punch a wall. 

You know getting to the gym is half the battle. Cut that battle down and just workout at home. You live in an era where you have whatever information you need at the tips of your fingers. #BLESSUP 

While you weed out the resolutioners, do not make yourself miserable by waiting double the time for a machine when you can add some variety to your workout routine while not leaving the comfort of your own home.

I've collected some of my favorite at-home workouts for when I just don't want to go to the gym but want to get into shape. 

Here are some easy to follow training that'll make it worth your half hour. The best part is these workouts require no equipment.

Pilates With Kait

Kait (we're on a first name basis now because she's always in my home) does a lot of pilates, yoga, core, and dance movement classes. They all tend to focus on the slow movements of the body and really controlling your muscles. They are great toners and have modifications so beginners and advanced pilates-ists (is that even close to a word?) can all enjoy their time, at home, maybe in their pajamas, with Kait. :D 

Small Workouts- No Gym. No Equipment. No Excuses.

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

Take it back to the basics. Make your Phys. Ed. teacher proud with these old school exercises. No equipment, no excuses. Blast some YMCA or the Electric slide to really get you it the old school mode. They actually have some really good mood-boosting songs from the 80s. Here is my workout playlist if you're looking to add in some other genres. This is a great workout for those that have a tone of the time, zero equipment, and very small space. 

Yoga Wake Up

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

How would you like to workout straight from your bed? WHOA. Not going to the gym is one thing but not leaving your bed is A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. This app has some great yoga routines ranging from 3 minutes to 38 minutes. There are routines in here you can do at your desk, from your bed, or on a mat. The variety is impeccable with instructors from all over. Someof my favorite sessions include Wake Up The Core with Jake Ferree, Love To Your Limbs From Bed with Lindsey Valdez, and then Mantra to Reset and Soften with Kate Waitzkin. Some of these you have to unlock with a paid subscription but they have a free trial that will rope you in. There are so many sessions to explore. Use my link to download the app. If you like it, you can score the app with discounted pricing too! 

High-Intensity Interval Dancing

Some call this Zumba. Those 'some' are not wrong, but I think Zumba scares people away. Dance classes can be fun if they have the right music to it. For me, it is all about the beat. I can't necessarily work out to Latin music because I use the lyrics as a distraction tool form what I'm actually doing. If I don't know the lyrics, there is a flaw in my plan. I'll usually type in "x genre (whatever I'm feeling t that moment, hip-hop, county, electronic, etc.) workout dance" and I always get a hit somewhere in the videos that pop up. Super effective and a great way to burn about 600 calories in one sitting. Making you feel less guilty when you reach for that ice cream afterward. Am I right?

Workout in the A.M.

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

Sometimes all you have is a little time in the morning after you have had your morning coffee. There are so many workouts out there that specialize in small time small improvements. Get a little booty workout in with this step by step workout graphic. There are many more of these on my fitness Pinterest Board. Sometimes all you have is ten minutes at a time. No shame in your workout game if you have to space out your workout!

PopSugar Fitness

I am obsessed with pop sugar fitness. Their workouts are fantastic and target all sorts of muscles. And fellas, just because its called PopSugar does not mean you can't take part in these workouts. There are a lot of leg workouts in there which it seems to look like a lot of you skip. Naughty Naughty. I like their kickboxing cardio classes best but they do have some with weight lifting if you have the proper equipment. I encourage you to peruse their videos. 

Target those abs!

Ab workouts at home are so simple. They do take a lot of motivation. Your core is the center of your body so it can be a pretty rigorous part to work out. Follow this Killer Core Workout to get your abs into shape for the summertime!

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

Plus, working out at home means it is easier to grab the ice cream afterward. This is what I like to call a WIN-WIN

Home Workouts To Try When You Just Can't With The Gym

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