Inspiration For Your 2019 Goals and Resolutions

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Inspiration For Your 2019 Goals and Resolutions

There's a reason I waited until now to talk about this and its because the mood is more amenable to mulling over "make-better" missions. Right now is the most auspicious time of the year for goal-setting so don't let anyone give you the side-eye if you start obsessing about all the amazing things you want to accomplish in the new year!  The resolution revolution is officially underway (even though it has been since Dec. 21 when the sun swung into Capricorn).  The holidays are out of our hair, and hopefully, we are all settling down from the hustle and bustle to set some goals!

I thought about doing some research on the best ways to achieve your goals and getting your head into the right mantra but instead, I was caught up in seeing what everyone else wanted to accomplish this year. That inspired what I wanted my accomplishments to look like for the new year. 

It's not too late to start down a path of goals either. Just because its past the first of the year and you didn't set any goals doesn't mean you cant set them now. I'm not starting mine until the first Monday of the year. That's when my new years is because a lot of my goals are work-related.

With that being said, here's what I plan to accomplish in 2019.

Inspiration For Your 2019 Goals and Resolutions

I divided my goals up into categories in hopes it would rid of that to-do list type feeling that is SO UNMOTIVATING. I think its working. Plus I love journaling. 

In 2019 I want to START

-Writing in any of my journals at least twice a week. I say any of them because I have journals all over my life. I have one at my work, one at my apartment, one at my boyfriend's house and even one in my car. You never know when inspiration will call!

-Consistently working out 3 times a week. This is a total cliche goal but I'm turning a new leaf on working out. I hate cardio classes. Like, HATE them. So I'm not doing them anymore. If I'm doing yoga three times a week, who cares. That's the exercise class I want to do.

- I want to start reading a book a month. I read enough books a month last year to equal 12 books (a book a month) but I want to be more consistent with it, in actually reading a book a month. If you're interested in this process with me, check out this fun game that helped me out in reading more last year.

In 2019 I want to STUDY

-Photography. Only briefly. I want a few lessons just to make sure I'm not completely off with my photos on this little corner of the internet I like to call Daily Cup of JoJo.

- French. So in 2020, I want to go back to Paris, France and I told myself I wasn't allowed to go back until I could speak the language and feel comfortable with it. It's a goal for a goal. 

- Self defense / shooting. I haven't decided which one I want to pursue yet but I know I want to take some sort of safety training for my own sanity. 

In 2019 I want to ACHIEVE

-100 Blog Subscribers. Believe it or not, I hit this goal on Jan 1, so I'm excited to say I can cross this off my list. I had a huge jump in Pinterest traffic and I've been very proud of my blog taking off on this platform. I'm still going to make my subscribers a priority though!

- 100 Cover Your Basic Sales. I want 100 sales in the year of 2019. These can happen online, offline, or even through pop up shops. I want to get my product out there.  

- 10K followers on Instagram. This is a goal I'm super self-conscious about because Instagram is a platform I have not cracked yet. I do really well on other social media websites without a lot of followers but instagram is an impossible platform for me. If I can obtain 10K followers I can post my blog links directly in my Insta stories, making promoting SO much easier. This is my most challenging goal for the year so wish me luck friends.

In 2019 I want to FEEL


- Motivated

- Bold


I hope to feel all of these emotions by listening to podcasts, reading, and watching all sorts of things that make me feel that way. Have a suggestion? Drop it below! I'm super into small youtube accounts and newly started podcasters! 

In 2019 I want to CELEBRATE

-Traveling. My goal is to pop out of the country TWICE. I'm hoping to go to New Zealand with my family and then I'm open to suggestions for another trip! Any summer vacay spots I should check out?! Another goal is to get to New York for the first time ever. I want to experience the BIG APPLE. I have my ticket bought, just have to get on the plane. 

- A promotion at work. This year will mark my two years as an event coordinator for a local nonprofit here in Las Vegas. I LOVE my job and I hope to grow in it.

- I have some more personal items I'm excited to (hopefully) celebrate as well but I'll let you know what those are when they happen. Call it a superstition. 

-Saving $6,000 minimum for the year. I have a really strict budgeting plan that I plan to share with you later in the year. If I stick to it for a year I can save at least $6,000 by the end of 2019!

Inspiration For Your 2019 Goals and Resolutions

I've been seeing a lot of virtual goal gatherings lately and I am blown away at the inspiration that comes from these parties. What a great concept?! I've seen some conference call style, Facebook and Instagram Live style and some just straight dialogue but the inspiration, hope, and motivation that comes from these things are so inspiring. I'm thinking I might host a midpoint check-in. See where everyone is at with their goals that they started back in January. I guess stay tuned to see where we are all at in 6 months!

Thanks for tuning in. Id love to hear what your resolutions are for the year. It's never too late to tack on another goal!

Inspiration For Your 2019 Goals and Resolutions


  1. I'm studying French in school. Its such a beautiful language.

  2. I definitely relate to wanting to do a lot of studying! I'll be working on photography and sewing this year!

  3. Love French! :)

    X Merel


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