New Year, New Mantra: Theming Your New Years Resolutions

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New year, New Mantra: Theming Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Like everybody else, I cannot believe how fast the year went by. I look back to April and how I was thinking the year was going by so slow, and now, here we are, with 2018 behind us close and 2019 freshly upon us. I’m fine, you’re fine, it’s fine...

I’ve been in the process of setting goals for the new year (goals post coming soon) and in this whole process, I’m seeing a trend throughout my list. A theme if you will. 

Things are more fun if there’s a theme attached, right? Think of the last fun party you went to? Was there a theme? I’m sure there was of some sort. Well, life is a party and we can’t take it too seriously. If you theme your year, every day has the potential to be a party. Now that sounds upbeat. 

My 2019 theme is

Commit and Be Bold

I’m theming my 2019 around being bold. Yes. Super vague, right?  There's a reason for the vagueness though. I want to be bold in multiple aspects of my life. I want to be bolder professionally, with my outfits, with my photos, and even with my spending habits. I want to take chances, not hold back, and really go for things. and I want to believe I can reach my goals and challenge myself in the process. 

This goal will actually be very challenging for me, like exceptionally hard. Why? I have two constant fears that are the main reasons I don't do something. 

1.  The fear of failure

I’ve always been afraid of failure, but if there’s one thing I'm very good at, it’s failing. I’ve failed on so many things it doesn’t even phase me anymore so I’m not sure why I let the fear of failing hold me back. Anybody else like that? 


2. The fear of inconveniencing people.

My default is that I don't feel worthy of taking up someone else's time, and assuming other people's needs are more important than mine. I by no means need to be liked by everyone but there is something inside that makes me feel like everyone has something better to be doing than interacting with me.

These are fears I’m going to have to come over if I want to see my content grow and myself. Coming up with a plan on how to achieve this "boldness" was rather difficult but I think I've latched on to something solid. 

My brother told me something in passing that he probably wouldn't even remember but I saw a license plate that said 2CUTE4U and I wanted to get a photo of it while we were behind them at the light. I was afraid they would see me snapping a photo in their rear view mirror so I captured the photo quickly and got some blurry, grainy photo that wasn't even postable. So my brother goes, "You have to commit and you have to be bold," and for whatever reason, that little line right there just stuck with me.

How do I plan to achieve this boldness in 2019?

Ideally, I would like to become a more outgoing person. I don't necessarily mean with my personality but I want to disrupt patterns. I want to break barriers and defy the norm. I'm committing to an idea and I'm going to take the boldest route to get there. 
So throughout my goal process, I've said no more sitting back with mediocre results. 

2019 is a new year with a new mantra where I am going to commit and be bold.

I've seen a lot of inspiration in themes. Maybe pick a theme and see what develops of it. What are you theming you new years resolutions?

New year, New Mantra: Theming Your New Years Resolutions


  1. mine is about bringing more peace and harmony into my family. i wish you the best. that is so neat that your brother and you have that connection now! I need to make it an actionable smart goal now.

  2. I am right there with you when it comes to those fears. Like you I have failed many times before, I don't let it get me down anymore. I just keep focusing on the end result and try again. AND I 100% agree with you about the second fear! I am a total introvert and that fear is real. I have grown a lot this past year and am getting better. Everyone's voice has an audience, you just have to keep working and sharing until you find yours. My word this year is FEARLESS. Jordan I wish you an amazing 2019!


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