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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Blogging can be hard. It's hard to keep up with work/life/social media/blog balance but hey, I wouldn't trade any of it. It all makes me happy in one way or another. In my real day job (until I can blog full time) my life can become VERY overwhelming during event season because that's what I do, I plan stuff. Fundraisers to be exact for families affected by childhood cancer so my job can be rather, overwhelming, to see the least, and the creative juices are not ALWAYS flowing. 

I'm glad I can admit that I know I'm not always on the ball. Im pretty confident in what I can and cannot handle, and sometimes when my day job takes priority the blog gets set on the back burner, but that's why I turn to you.

I put a call for help out on social media and my subscriber's list asking for you all to ask me questions, and I wasn't really sure where it was going to go but y'all responded! 

You like me! You really like me!

So, now that we are all SO CLOSE and can ask each other anything, so now Daily Cup of JoJo has a new segment called "Spill The Tea Jo." 

Let's jump right in...

Q: Bathbomb favorites?

I have a few for different reasons! 

-Da-Bomb bath bombs that you can buy at Target. The quality of these aren't all that great but each bomb has a little surprise inside that makes them super fun. Buy one, you'll see what I mean. 

-Turtle Jelly Bomb from Lush. My boyfriend's roommate gave this to me and OMG this changed my bath bomb world. My skin has never been so soft. 

-Shower fizzies. I get these from a few different vendors (I trust the Etsy peeps the most) but these are great for people who don't take baths but might want to add a little aromatherapy into their shower routine.  It steams up your shower area and releases a refreshing scent! Therapeutic AF.

Q: Go to outfit when you feel like you want to conquer the world?

Heels. Like if I could go naked, legally, and only wear heels, I would THRIVE. God blessed me with strong ankles and I'm putting them to work. I LOVE fun pants, skirts, and shorts, with a plain long sleeve shirt, waist belt, and heels. Usually paired with a long elegant or chunky statement necklace. 

lifestyle blog ideas | lifestyle blogger questions | blogger q and a | blogger questions | blogger FAQ

Q: Go to outfit for a comfy work day?

Spicy leggings are all I can really say. I call them that because they feel like yoga pants but if dressed up properly, you can get away with athleisure murder. I have three pairs of spicy leggings. One is a leather pair, a velvet pair, and a floral pair. Match them with a simple top (solid colors tend to do best), some light jewelry, and flats. You've got yourself a comfy work outfit! 

Clearly, I ditch the makeup in comfy outfits too. 

lifestyle blog ideas | lifestyle blogger questions | blogger q and a | blogger questions | blogger FAQ

Q: How do you approach someone at a party or bar? 

By breaking out into song and dance...

Although I am not against that, I am a fan of trivia questions. I got this idea from the #daddygang (if you know you know), however, the only way this method is effective is if you DON'T LINGER. 

Essentially, you go up to the group your target is in and keep your eyes on your friend group you came from (you'll appear like you won't be lingering if you approach this in a quick manner) and ensure the following interaction happens:

You: Hey, my friends and I are having a bit of a debate that I'm hoping you can help us settle. What are the names of the 5 oceans?

Them: Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian...

You: Do you know the fifth one though? We can't seem to figure it out.

Them: *Pulls out there phone*

You: No, no that's not any fun. We were just curious (referring to your group of friends) if you would know off the top of your head. Let us know if you think of it. *walk away* 

They will then proceed to look it up, and eventually make their way over to your group of friends to discuss their findings. Y'all can get to know each other as a group instead of all of this one on one pressure. 

Remember, don't linger.

Q: All-time favorite guilty pleasure song?

Celine Dion - Drive All Night. It bumps. Believe me. 

Q: Where would I like to travel to the most?

That is so tough. I have a travel bucket list. I REALLY want to hit Ireland for St. Patricks Day. Nothing says festive like the luck of the Irish on St. Patricks day. Belize is also way up there on the list, and Thailand... 

lifestyle blog ideas | lifestyle blogger questions | blogger q and a | blogger questions | blogger FAQ

Q: Post more workout videos

I need to work out more... but until then I'll just keep using this app (click bait) 

Q: Fave happy hour in Las Vegas?

ONLY ONE?! Ummm, currently at the moment, I'm really diggin' Other Mama's happy hour. Swanky little place with really good happy hour appetizer specials because it gets pretty pricey after 6pm. 

Q: What's your drink of choice when you go out?

If there are no fun cocktails to try out and we're just going to a local bar or something, I'll usually order a raspberry vodka soda with 2 limes or a Tom Collins. 

Q: Is red your natural hair color?

Umm, define natural. I for sure have some strawberry in my hair which is why my hair can keep the red so well, but I was definitely born with dishwater blonde roots. BTW, whoever came up with the term "dishwater" blonde needs to rethink their career path.

Q: Why did you start a blog?

I had too much free time on my hands. Actually, I took my thoughts to twitter but twitter only let me spit out what I wanted 140 characters at a time, so then I became that person that was sending android messages via twitter. You know what I'm talking about like where my words weren't complete in one bubble and went onto the next. Not a good look for a Twitter thread. Thus, Daily Cup of JoJo was born.

Q: Would you ever change your blog name?

Rebranding definitely flys across my mind more than I would like it to. When I was creating Cover Your Basics I really wanted my blog and t-shirt company to be cohesive. I came VERY close to rebranding but I'm pretty content with Daily Cup of JoJo for right now. 

Q: What does your apartment look like?

Messy, at this point in time at least. I'm typically pretty organized but I just Marie Kondo'd my closet, and I'm working LONG hours at work. I'll do a home tour here shortly! In the meantime, you can read this story about how I acquired my couch from Craigslist. It's a doozy. 

I'm afraid that's all I have time for today, but I appreciate you taking the trip over the browser to come meet me! If you'd like to know anything else please feel free to comment below or reach out to me on Instagram! DMs don't scare me :)

lifestyle blog ideas | lifestyle blogger questions | blogger q and a | blogger questions | blogger FAQ

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