Why You Should Take Some Time to Unwind In Singapore

Why You Should Take Some Time to Unwind In Singapore

We’ve all started the year with positivity and enthusiasm by the bucketload, but as the days, weeks and months pass, our optimism can hit a plateau and begin to slow down – if not die out. We can’t let this unfortunately common phenomenon take over our positivity and happy moods though.

After a busy first few months, it’s natural to feel drained and tired. January and February are draining, and I’m not just referring to dry January. We are thrown back into the professional world and forced to replace family time with project deadlines and stressed out coworkers. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, our mental health is likely to take a hit from all the cozy winter activities when first-quarter reports roll around. We find ourselves accumulating pressure over time and we find we’ve lost our positive attitude until we realize, we have vacation days to burn…

Oh yeah, baby. Hit your boss with those PTO slips because we’re unwinding in Singapore. If you’re in need of comfort, peacefulness, modernism, and open-mindedness, book your flight to Singapore ASAP.

Booking a vacation away from everything in Singapore can give you the opportunity to develop self-caring habits and tame the pressures in your life.

Why You Should Take Some Time to Unwind In Singapore

There are people-free activities
I thought this would reel you in. Some days (or, all the time like me), you want to distance yourself from the people around you and enjoy some much-deserved alone time. Singapore has a large offer of places that let you reconnect with your inner self. The Fragment Room is a room entirely dedicated to mass destruction, encouraging you to let go of your anger while breaking things – you’ll feel a lot more relaxed after let it all out in a burst of destruction! Or, if you’d rather opt for a more peaceful approach, you can visit the Riding for Disabled Association center. There you can pet, feed, and even groom the horses they have on site. They say animals help with stress relief. Put it to the test.

It’s a change of landscape without losing comfort
If you live in town, you are used to having a variety of facilities and services that you couldn’t find in the countryside. However, living in the middle of an urban landscape makes it more difficult to unwind. Being surrounded by grey buildings and urban pollution increases your stress levels. Duh, it’s not fun being surrounded by concrete. However, remote locations are not exactly my cup of tea. They lack the comfort and modern structure we require. Grandly enough, Singapore offers the best of both worlds, as the city aims to be the world’s greenest. The Garden City, as Singapore calls itself, has made a habit of encouraging green buildings, vertical gardens and sustainable lifestyles, creating an eco-friendly and clean environment that is surrounded by an elegant marriage of modern architecture and natural landscapes.

Singapore is popular and profitable
Singapore is a popular destination for vacationers since it attracts more than 3 times the equivalent of its own population every year. Tapping into the tourism industry in Singapore can not only provide a cozy holiday home for your visit, but you can also consider purchasing a house with the idea to rent it out to other travelers looking for a place to stay, like a property near Kovan MRT station. The demand is there,  we just have to capitalize on it. Just like the hot climate lasting all year long, so do the tourists. The abundance of tourists would guarantee a high profit every year! Your trip might end up paying for itself in no time!

The food will help you address diet changes
When you’re stressed out, you tend to make unhealthy choices when it comes to food. Yeah, I know, same.  Ordering a pizza always feels like the easier option but that gets old. Singapore has such a diversity of culinary cultures that makes it easy to find delicious and satisfying food that is also good for you. A bowl of Laksa, a tasty and creamy coconut milk curry with rice noodles, gives you the perfect excuse to introduce more vegetables into your diet. Who knew vacation could be so healthy.

There’s a sense of tolerance and inclusion you can’t find elsewhere
Singapore’s reputation for welcoming us foreigners is long established. However, Singapore also focuses its attention on reducing social inequalities throughout its population, by embracing its changing cultural demographics and supporting inclusion for all. Of course, the road is still long. The Garden City offers a welcoming and culturally encompassing climate in a world where races, languages, religions and wealth tear people apart.

Unwinding in Singapore is the perfect occasion to look to literally chill out. They provide everything you need to cancel out anything else from your mind. Singapore can be more than a vacation, it can be a discovery of the self. 

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