Follow This One Simple Fashion Rule And Boost Your Confidence

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Follow This One Simple Fashion Rule And Boost Your Confidence

In a world of Instagram models and social media fame, it's common to lose confidence in yourself and who you are while scrolling through your endless timelines. Seeing all these perfect feeds and photos can be really draining on someone's confidence.

A few years ago I implemented a mini fashion rule into my life and it has boosted my confidence exponentially. My style has become bolder and it makes me look forward to how I want to present myself to the world every day.

Men, please don't go anywhere because you can easily implement this into your life too!

I call this rule the two-thirds rule (2/3).

Yes, we are only striving to put 66% of our best foot forward on a daily basis. This may count as a D+ scholastically but in life, this is the beginning phases of your A-game.

Boost Your Confidence and Update Your Wardrobe with this one simple fashion rule to follow

I like to think about it like this:

With most people, when we get ready in the morning, we typically categorize our morning routine into three compartments. 

1. Clothes- outfit, accessories, shoes2. Face - make-up, hair removal or trimming, moisturizers 3. Hair - curled, styled, up-do, product

We know we have to cover our bases and tend to all three of these categories in some way, shape, or form, but we ALL know life happens in the morning. We can oversleep, watch too many Netflix episodes and lose track of time, maybe you have kids and they demand attention, or we are feeling lazy. No shame in any of those games, which is why we are striving for 66% here, peeps. 

Follow This One Simple Fashion Rule And Boost Your Confidence

What do I mean by this 2/3 fashion rule?

Pick two of the three categories above and focus on those two for your morning. 

I like to think of it as a little outcome chart.  If I do X and Y, then I don't have to do Z.

If I do my hair and makeup, I don't have to focus so much on my outfit.
If I pick a great outfit and do my hair, I probably won't put makeup on.
If I slap some makeup on my face and have a bangin' outfit, on my hair will probably be up in a ponytail.

It's all in what you're in the mood for accomplishing. 

And when I say "do my hair" or "pick an outfit" I mean something that sparks joy with you. I know, how Marie Kondo of me, but it's so true. Wear something that makes you smile and feel good about yourself. For some, swiping mascara on their eyelashes is makeup enough whereas others may feel the need to bring out the works. Do what makes you feel satisfied that you have fulfilled that portion of your 2/3 process.

Here are some examples of me implementing the 2/3 rule.

I chose a fun outfit, straightened my hair, and nixed the make-up for the day.

Follow This One Simple Fashion Rule And Boost Your Confidence

Here I did my make-up (I promise, but it's hard to tell with my sunnies on), curled my hair, and wore a sweater with yoga pants.

Why not strive for 3/3?

You should always strive for 3/3. Hitting all three of these categories is for sure your stretch goal but if you can hit 2/3, you are already a rockstar. Honestly, I end up hitting 3/3 more so on days when I am dragging just to hit 2/3. 

If you can commit to yourself to take care of at least two of these categories every day before you leave the house, I think (from my experience) you will feel less stress on yourself, free up some time in your morning routine, and boost your confidence to a completely new level.

I honestly feel like an info-mercial here but I promise, there are no products linked in this post. This is strictly a life hack method you can implement to your life if you choose. 

Over time your confidence grows even more so you develop this habit even further. So a lazy outfit for me used to be yoga pants and a crop top, well now a lazy outfit for me is denim shorts and a tucked in plain tee. That is slightly more fashionable than plain black leggings.

You can develop this into what you want fashionwise, but confidence-wise, there is nothing standing in your way from you feeling great about yourself other than you!

Want to hear more about this?
I did a post on this a few years ago, so for more examples and even further explanation, feel free to check it out here. 

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Boost Your Confidence and Update Your Wardrobe with this one simple fashion rule to follow


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