Alright friends, Utah Is Actually A Great Getaway

Friday, April 5, 2019

utah | traveling to Utah| hiking in Utah | Utah scenic route | Utah road trip | Utah travel
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Hear me out, but Utah is actually such an underrated state. ‘The place with all the Mormons?’  Yes, that place. I have a bunch of family in Utah so I have been up and down the I-15 quite often. There are a whole host of fantastic places to spend a vacation here. I could tell you one cool spot per town you pass on your way up to the northern part of the state (the best part in my opinion). If you can get past the stereotype, there are a plethora of awesome things to do in Utah.

Things like... 

utah | traveling to Utah| hiking in Utah | Utah scenic route | Utah road trip | Utah travel

National Parks

Coming from someone who is NOT a nature person, this is important. There are FIVE beautiful national parks in Utah:

  • Zion
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Capitol Reef
  • Arches
  • Canyonlands
If you really want to see what this planet has to offer, then a look around these amazing places. They will make you stand in awe. A lot have fun little mountain shops or extreme hiking trails along with them so they are good for all types of adventurers.

utah | traveling to Utah| hiking in Utah | Utah scenic route | Utah road trip | Utah travel


Fine Arts, Church History, Frontier Homestead, and Paleontology. They don't have much in common, but you can see them all in Utah.  If you’ve always been into the aviation world, then you could get yourself a cheap hotel in Ogden, Utah, and take a look around the Hill Aerospace Museum. There is a National History Museum based in Salt Lake City that focuses mainly on the state of Utah and the Intermountain West. They aren’t for everyone, but they are cool

Bridal Veil Falls

Lemme just tell ya, that if I was married here, you best believe my veil would be as dramatic as these falls. This colossal waterfall located near US Route 189 is unbelievable. Nature is obviously amazing, and if you want to get some goosebumps by looking at something that the world has created, then look no further than here.

utah | traveling to Utah| hiking in Utah | Utah scenic route | Utah road trip | Utah travel

All the fun Eateries

There are so many different little diners throughout Utah. Beaver has this adorable little diner called Crazy Cow Cafe and the theme is literally cows. I can't explain it more than that. Brigham is also known for its peach smoothies. Go anytime throughout the summer and you can get a bomb fruit smoothie from any of their walk-up diners. Shoutout to Nana for this one. She's been feeding me peach smoothies since I was a tot. 

Great Salt Lake

The lake that is so legendary that it’s known all around the world. The city is named after it because it's so epic. Yep, did it. I used the word epic.  It’s the largest salt lake in the world – about seventy-five miles long and around thirty-five miles wide. It’s such a beautiful sight. If you want to take a look around, you can go on a guided tour or venture out onto the lake and go kayaking!

Sports Teams!

Any sports fans are probably going to want to see some of the arena and stadiums that house some of the biggest teams in the country. Soccer is a huge sport all over the world, and the biggest team Utah has to offer is Real Salt Lake in, you guessed it, Salt Lake City. You can go and watch them play in the MLS, or you can have a tour around the stadium when the game isn’t on. If you’re a basketball fan, then you can go to the Vivint Smart Home Arena, also based in Salt Lake City, and see the Utah Jazz in action. No football team though, so NFL fans kind of luck out on this one. College ball is really more their thing anyway.

I think Utah gets a bad rep because they're mostly known for their church background. Don't jade your perception based on politics. There are some great sightseeing, eateries, and it is such an easy drive through the state. Take 1-15 until you can't anymore and you'll definitely be sure to see some of Utah's hot spots.

utah | traveling to Utah| hiking in Utah | Utah scenic route | Utah road trip | Utah travel

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