Ideas on How To Create Your Perfect Summer Destiny

Friday, June 7, 2019

summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|
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Whether school is out for summer, you are looking for a little weekend getaway to escape your 9-5 rut, or you are simply trying to find some relaxation, summer is the time to indulge. Regardless of your schedule, summer is the perfect time we can all dedicate to some fun in the sun. Beach boardwalks come alive, happy hours are relentless continuous, and it is perfect park weather reaches its finest. Need a little inspiration on what to do with your free time this summer? Here are some ideas on how you can spend your time this summer sunny summer months! Whether it’s productive or restorative is up to you!

summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|

Travel Somewhere Using a New Mode of Transportation 
Ever been on a cruise or done a road trip in a camper van? Well, a vacation is a perfect opportunity to try something new. We typically stick to modes of travel that work for us, but it’s always exciting to try a new mode of transportation. Camper vans, motorhomes, and other unique automobiles can often be hired for a period of time and are great if you’re planning to holiday somewhere in your own country, rather than going abroad. Check out #minihomeonwheels for some fun RV inspiration.

Traveling by water is another popular mode of summer transportation. A cruise is an efficient way to see a lot in a little bit of time. Even if you’re not a fan of traveling by boat, cruises are a great way of seeing multiple places while having an all-inclusive experience aboard a  ship. There is also no pressure to actually leave the ship during your travels if you want to keep the party on deck. There are even companies out there that offer a ‘boat club’ service, which allows you to captain your own boat for spontaneous and fun-filled days out!

Set a Book Goal
summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|

If you’re a fan of reading or would like to make it a new hobby, a book goal is certainly worth considering to take up any free time you have over the summer.  I, personally, I am a fan of physical books, but with the evolution of e-readers, reading can be done effectually anywhere.

Challenge yourself and set a goal of how many books you want to read by the end of summer. Reread old classics or throw in a few wildcards that you might not normally go for.  Join my Book Bingo Club if you struggle to hold yourself accountable or check out websites like Goodreads. When you sign up you can keep track of what you’re reading, what you’ve read, and what your friends are reading too. You can also review books on this site too, so it’s worth doing if you’re a bit of a bookworm.

Create a Bucket List
If you’re wanting to make this a productive summer break, a bucket list is a must. We tend to make them at the start of the year as part of our New Year's resolutions, but there’s no rule that says you can’t start one now! Write down all of the things that you’d like to see and do, but make sure they are realistically conceivable possible because then it will be it’s satisfying being able to check each one off your list to show yourself (or others!) just how much you’ve accomplished! Perhaps add something that you’ve done already so that you have at least got one thing something to start you off.

Helpful tip: don’t go too wild with the amount on your bucket list because too many endeavors might put you off doing it. I say list 5 good activities things to complete this summer!

A Staycation in a Hotel 
summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|

Having a staycation has become fairly popular nowadays due to hectic work schedules lifestyles. You might not have time to get out of town, but you do have time to get out of the house. Staying somewhere that is not your home can offer tranquility because you are not surrounded by projects that are constantly calling your name, like the dishes in the sink, or the overflowing laundry basket, etc. Staycations are great for a little physical (but large mental)escape from the real world. Since its summer, you might even snag a better deal on room rates!

A Staycation without the Hotel
We hear the word staycation a lot and it is usually synonymous with staying at a hotel close to home, but a staycation could also keep you in your home. Sometimes you just want to relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the surroundings of your local area. Plan a few days where you potter around the house or create a to-do list of jobs that need doing. Spend some quality time finishing up projects that have been left unfinished. Once you’ve completed your to-do list, celebrate by inviting friends over for a well-deserved summer BBQ!

Spend More Time with Friends and Family
summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|

One of the most important things in life is the social connection. and It can be easy to become swept up in the madness of life and we can forget to spend time with our loved ones. and While everyone is on break, this is a perfect opportunity to spend more time with your friends and family. Studies have shown that connecting with others will make you genuinely happier. So make an effort to set up those dinner dates, go on  that a weekend away with friends, and by all means visit your aunt when she invites you over!

Give Yourself Some Self Care
Relax and enjoy the things that you love to do. As much as it is nice to put others before yourself, sometimes it’s necessary to focus on just you. Spend a day or an evening (or two!) giving yourself some self-care. That means anything that you enjoy, whether it’s a long, hot bubble bath or watching your favorite movie with a glass of wine. Self-care contributes to your overall wellbeing, and a break from the hustle and bustle of life is always needed every so often. It’s something that’s personal, so do what you enjoy, rather than doing something that’s been recommended to you.

With so many ideas for your summer vacation, regardless of where you go, there’s plenty to do to make the most of your free time away. Try out a new mode of transport on your next adventure or give the staycation a go this year. Encourage your brain to learn by reading more books or create a bucket list and challenge your household to do the same. Talking of households, prioritize more time to spend with family and friends. And finally, don’t forget to look after yourself. Use some of this free time to give yourself some well-deserved love!

What are your summer break plans?!

summer vacation ideas | summer activities | things to do in the summer | RV life | camper van life | self care practices|

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