5 Outfits To Wear To Las Vegas Night Swim

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Las Vegas nightclub dress codes are notorious for being strict and upscale. Because of this stigma, this makes nightswim one of the trickiest outings to get ready for. Is it swim attire? Should I wear heels? What about a club dress? EEP! There are no set guidelines which almost stresses out night-swim attendees more so than usual clubwear. 

Growing up in Las Vegas has put me at a slight advantage when it comes to nightlife. I've seen a lot of different outfit options when it comes to night-swim style. Some have made me question how they even got into the venue and some that make me wonder why we are worthy of their time because they are dressed to the nines... 

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The thing about night-swim is it is a beach club mixed with a nightclub, so you ultimately have two dress codes you can work with. I think this gives you more options when it comes to outfits.  

Check out my try-on video with specific night-swim examples in my very first IGTV video.  However, I do provide a few more styling tips and tricks ion the paragraphs below if you're still confused, because, as I said, nightswim is a tricky event. 

I like to look at what to wear to night-swim in Las Vegas in percentages because ultimately it's a game of dress codes and it depends where you lie on the scale. 

1. 100% Club Attire

If you are feeling the club scene of the evening, embrace it. You can dress to impress in full-on club attire when it come to night-swim. It operates like a night club but has the swimming component added into it. 

My suggestions:

  • Wear cotton based clothing items such as bodycon dresses or pencil skirts. There is a high possibility you could get splashed and there is SO much chlorine in those waters I would hate for you to walk out with faded spots on a dressy outfit.
  • The more straps the better. It gives off a swimsuit vibe and is fun for summer! 
  • Speaking of straps, try to wear strappy sandals because they breathe a bit easier and you can show off your cute pedicure.
  • Pair with a purse belt, or dainty jewelry for a little added pop of flair 

2. 100% Swim 

Beach club at night? You are ALL-IN, literally, in the pool because all you're wearing is a swimsuit and a cover-up. With no clothes to hold you back here is what I would suggest for a simple night-swim outfit:
  • A swimsuit (whatever you're comfortable in)
  • A sassy swimsuit cover-up
  • Some funky jewelry  - I opt for earrings because you can wear them in the pool and not have to worry about them getting wet (unless you get dunked, which can happen when alcohol is present around pools...)
  • Wedges or sandals - a little height elongates your legs and gives it that extra push of style 
TIP: You are required to wear swimsuit cover-ups in the casinos of Las vegas so buy yourself a cute one and flaunt it!

3. 60% club and 40% swim

You are clearly leaning towards being a little fancier but do not want to be 86'd from the swimming aspect. This is my personal favorite option because I like putting a little extra effort into my outfits but want to be prepared in case I get the swimming urge.
  • Fun printed shorts or bright colored skirts are summer staples
  • Pair with a one-piece swimsuit or a leotard- it gives off the swimsuit look in a classier setting
    • Deep V's or low back styles give off a really subtle sexiness too!
  • Throw on some strappy heeled sandals
  • Dainty jewelry - especially if you have busy shorts on!

4. 40% club and 60% swim

This is for those that want a more carefree look, but also keep it in tune with the dress code. I highly encourage adding in some fashion-forward sense with this one because if not properly executed they could deny you entry. I would advise you to stay away from basic flip flops and being TOO casual. It is still a nightclub after all.
  • Start with a swimsuit
  • Pair with a cute crop top or sheer see-through top - something that has a little more allure
    • Tie shirt with a knot or tuck in any loose fabric to give your outfit a bit of an edge
  • Denim shorts (cut-offs are appropriate in this situation)
  • Add a little drama with a purse belt and some chunky necklaces
  • You can wear sandals or wedges. Your call! 

5. 50% swim and 50% club

Find a happy medium, because it exists. Cute, comfy and casual never goes out of style and you're here to do it up. Fluff your hair, swipe on some eyeliner and get to the club. For me, I really love incorporating textures here. A velvet top with denim bottoms, or a mesh tank and some cotton bike shorts. These can all be very practical 50/50 swim-club wear. 

  • Wear your bathing suit beneath your clothes.
  • Keep your fabrics simple and diverse - linen, cotton, velvet, and mesh are my favorites to mix up.
  • Chunky or more noticeable jewelry works best here to pizazz up your casual wear giving your outfit that VIP feel.

BONUS OUTFIT: 100% Pajamas

Wear your pajamas because going out after 11p.m. is not on your radar and you would rather be at home with a face mask, sushi and The Hills reruns.

Kidding, you're getting up and getting out there! You have all of the right outfit tools!

Some takeaways:
  • When it comes to clubs, tight clothing is a good medium. Form-fitting seems to be a trend that never goes out of style. Find yours within that reality and you can't go wrong.
  • Do not underestimate accessories. Thee can make or break an outfit.
  • Stay away from basic flip flops. Try to make your shoes part of your outfit, not something you just slip on.
  • Wear your confidence- it is the sexiest accessory. 
  • Clark County code requires individuals to cover private parts and have their booty's completely covered when in the gaming area.
The official dress code verbiage is Business Casual Dress. Take that how you want, but the options laid out before you are pretty solid winners to me. Jeans and or pants are not allowed in some night swim clubs but as stated earlier, if styled correctly you can get away with it. They want you looking trendy, not frumpy. It's Vegas baby, look the part.

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