101 Uses for Rejuvenique Oil

Friday, May 8, 2020

101 Uses for Rejuvenique Oil

I've got 99 problems and Rejuveniqe Oil solved about 87 of them. A lot of people think that Rejuveniqe oil is just a hair treatment oil, but there are so many other uses. I recently did a live video on all of the uses and I received a lot of good responses from it. I think it's important we know all of the things a product is good for and if this has 101 uses, there is a good chance we are not aware of some of them. Feel free to come back and reference this page if you are an avid Rejuveniqe oil user, or if you even might be interested in trying it out.   

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive is Monat's exclusive serum that is a blend of rare oils with a highly scientifically researched unique molecular structure that mimics the body's natural oils to moisturize effectively. My non-scientific term for it is "liquid gold."

What is in this silver bottle that makes it SO freakin' special though? 

Monat's field researchers scoured the world seeking to find the most exquisite oils that would balance, rejuvenate, and benefit the hair and skin. Abyssinian oil was the first ingredient selected for its remarkable rejuvenating properties. Next, a blend of 13+ unique ingredients, including antioxidants, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids was developed. Thus Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive was born. Think of it like replenishing your hair and scalp with much-needed nourishment that tends to be removed through washing. 


Rejuveniqe Oil comes in two different forms. An intensive version and the Light version. Both contain the same ingredients but the Light is not as oily. This silky, lightweight, silicone-free oil is a multi-tasking master that is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is not sticky or greasy. This makes it a better option for fine or thin hair. It won't weigh down your hair bt will still supply the nutrients to the follicle.

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A little goes a long way, just a drop is all you need. 

101 uses of Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive:


101 Uses for Rejuvenique Oil


Rejuveniqe Oil helps reduce frizz, correct split ends, and restore unprecedented shine and manageability. Use it before and after washing your hair, as a treatment for balancing the pH of your scalp, and to help provide a healthy environment for new hair growth.


Before washing your hair:

1. DEEP TREATMENT: Apply all over scalp and hair, wrap in a warm towel for 30 minutes; wash as usual.

2. FINE OR THINNING HAIR? Apply all over scalp and hair and leave on for 5 minutes; rinse with clear water and style as usual.

3. INTENSE TREATMENT: Apply all over scalp and hair, cover with a hair cap, and leave on overnight.

4. For longer-lasting, brighter hair color, add a few drops to color formula.

5. SPLIT ENDS REPAIR: Help repair and protect split ends, applying to just ends, wrapping in plastic wrap, and leaving on for 30 minutes daily for one week. (You can also use heat to intensify the treatment.)  Wash out or leave-in.


After washing your hair:

6. Apply to towel-dried hair,  detangle and de-frizz with a wide-tooth comb; wait 5 minutes before styling as usual.

7. Protect the hair from heat damage and give it superb shine by applying a few drops all over hair before blow-drying.

8. Return the shine by applying to ends only while hair is wet; style as usual.

9. Give your hair a moisture injection by blending a few drops into Monat’s Restore Leave-In Conditioner and applying all over; style as usual.

10. Define curls and strengthen bounce by applying all over hair and scrunching with a towel (do not rub).

11. Prevent flyaways and help protect from damage by applying a few drops all over hair before braiding for a flawless look.

12. Get rid of flyaways by rubbing a few drops between your hands and smoothing over dry hair; lightly pat all overhead for even longer-lasting flyaway control.

13. Get cool surfer hair by combining a tablespoon of Rejuveniqe with one teaspoon of sea salt and one tablespoon of Restore Leave-in Conditioner in a cup of water; shakeup in a spray bottle and apply all over your hair.

14. Protect your hair against chlorine damage and/or saltwater dryness by applying all over hair before swimming.

15. Protect your hair from sun damage by applying before swimming.

16. Get a healthier and intense shine by using instead of harmful silicone products.

17. Add just the right amount of oil to your hair without overwhelming it by soaking a wooden comb in Rejuveniqe for a day, letting it dry, and using it each time you comb your hair.

18. Avoid skin stains while coloring your hair by rubbing around your ears, neck, and hairline.



19. Moisturize your already healthy scalp by massaging in thoroughly for 15 minutes; shampoo and condition as usual.

20. Nourish and hydrate your dry scalp by massaging in and leaving on until next wash.

21. Balance your natural oils by massaging in and wrapping your head in a towel; leave on for 15 minutes.  Shampoo and rinse.

22. Help decrease symptoms of dandruff by massaging onto the entire scalp at night; wash in the morning.

23. Help hydrate dry, and flaky prone skin by applying directly to affected areas with a cotton ball or pad

101 Uses for Rejuvenique Oil


24. Get extra hydration by blending a few drops into moisturizer before applying.

25. Get around-the-clock supple skin by applying morning and night.

26. Smooth the skin and help increase its elasticity by applying directly on wrinkles.

27. Hydrate and reduce dark circles by massaging one drop under eye areas.

28. Reduce morning puffiness by applying one drop under-eye area before going to sleep.

29. Smooth and tame eyebrows, rubbing one drop between your index fingers and applying o   on each.

30. As a lipstick primer, apply to lips before your lipstick.

31. As an effective lip moisturizer, apply to lips daily in place of lip balms.

32. Help lock-in makeup all day, adding a few drops to your liquid foundation.

33. Make your own exfoliating lip and facial scrub by mixing with sugar or baking soda.

34. Soothe and help lessen symptoms of cold sores.

35. Soften and help minimize the appearance of scars.

36. Soothe and help protect sensitive skin due to rosacea.

37. Set for an all-day finish and give skin a natural glow by patting it on the face on top of your makeup.

38. Help relieve acne breakouts and balance the skin’s natural oils.

39. Improve the elasticity and texture of mature skin.

40. Lubricate young skin and prevent loss of elasticity.

41. Protect face from urban influences.

42. Use as a makeup remover.

43. MEN: Nourish the skin beneath the mustache and beard by rubbing it in as a conditioner.



44. Deeply moisturize dry, rough areas such as elbows, knees, heels, and nail cuticles by applying freely.

45. Hydrate your dry skin, applying before getting into the shower.

46. Lock-in moisture by applying on damp skin after showering.

47. Make your own invigorating body scrub by mixing with salt, sugar, or baking soda.

48. Get softer skin by mixing in your bath for a relaxing spa experience.

49.  Increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite by firmly massaging onto problem areas, such as thighs.

50. Help relieve itching by rubbing on insect bites.

51. Prevent rough, saggy skin by applying to and around the knees daily.

52. Prevent nostrils dryness, particularly on long flights, by dabbing on the inside of nostrils.

53. Protect your skin from dehydration in chlorine or saltwater by applying before swimming.

54. Moisturize and soften dry or cracked nipples.

55. Help relieve backaches, and stiffness by mixing with heat treatment creams and rubbing in gently.

56. Help relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy, scaly areas.

57. Soften stretch marks and restore skin elasticity.

58. Apply as a deodorant and dab baby powder on as antiperspirant.

59. Help relieve itch from hives.

60. Aid the fading process of birthmarks.

61. Get protection from windburn by applying to ears before going out into the cold.

62. Apply to tattoos to keep skin hydrated and keep color from fading.

101 Uses for Rejuvenique Oil


63. Avoid breakage of nails and cuticles by rubbing on twice daily.

64. Prepare your nails before a manicure by soaking them in warm Rejuveniqe.

65. Restore your hands’ moisture by applying after each washing.

66. Protect nails and cuticles from losing their moisture by applying and leaving on for 5    minutes before getting into the shower.

67. Help nail polish dry faster and avoid chipping by applying on freshly painted nails.

68. For a deeply hydrating treatment, apply to hands and place in gloves overnight.



69. Deeply nourish the skin by applying to feet and toes twice a day.

70. Wake up with softer, smoother feet by applying and covering with socks before bedtime.

71. Hydrate your soles and heels after pumicing.

72. Help smooth calluses by massaging in a few drops daily.

73. Instantly disguise –and deeply moisturize- embarrassing dry feet on the beach by rubbing a few drops before wearing sandals.

74. Help reduce friction from shoes by applying to feet before putting on socks daily.



 75. Use as a shaving cream substitute.

 76. Help your razor glide more easily and avoid cuts by adding it to your favorite shaving cream.

 77. Soothe and prevent razor burn by applying after shaving.

 78. Help remove wax residual and soothe the skin by applying after waxing.



79. Keep skin well-hydrated by adding a few drops to your sunscreen.

80. Soothe and relieve heat by applying a generous amount to sun-exposed skin.

81. Lighten and help restore the skin’s natural color by applying on brown spots and sun damage.



82. Massage your whole body with a generous amount (it won’t leave any unwanted greasy feeling afterward.)

83. Prepare the skin before a massage by applying all over your body.

84. Help stimulate and loosen tension by rubbing into sore muscles during deep tissue massage.

85. Help relieve stiffness by rubbing onto the back of the neck.

86. Help relieve tension by rubbing gently on temples.



(my favorite segment)

87. Revive old, thickened nail polish by adding just one drop into nail polish flask.

88. Prevent change by applying under bra straps.

89. Revive your dried-out mascara by mixing one drop in your mascara tube.

90. Use to clean your mascara brush.

91. Get gum out of hair without breakage.

92. Help repel mosquitoes and other insects by applying before going outdoors.

93. Help soften earwax by placing a drop in each ear.

94. Soften and protect your puppy’s paws.

95. Soothe and re-hydrate your dog’s dry nose.

96. For a natural decongestant, mix with menthol and rub on chest and nostrils.

97. Help relieve nausea by mixing with peppermint and inhaling deeply.

98. Help fragrances stay on longer by applying a dab behind the ears and pulse points before spraying on perfume.

99. Use as a natural fragrance or perfume.

100. As an enticing aphrodisiac, mix with a little cinnamon and vanilla and massage all over.

101. Balance your spirit, replenish your good vibes, and calm mental fatigue simply by warming it up in a  difuser as an aromatherapy oil.

I hope this was eye-opening for you how one little silver tube of oil can do so much. I'd love to set you up with a bottle of this! Let's chat in the comments below. What are your uses for this?

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