10 Flawless Excuses to Get You Out of Those Plans You Should Have Never Made In The First Place

Friday, October 18, 2019

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We've all been there.

You make plans with someone, that you didn't want to in the first place or something else comes up. And when I say something else comes up I mean all of a sudden you're four episodes deep into Grey's Anatomy, and you do not want to move.


"What time did you want to go?"


"Hey, are we still hanging out tonight?"

You were so committed earlier, but then comfort settled in and took over. (Unless you're actually a social butterfly and overbooked yourself for the night, in which case, kudos to you!) Regardless, this is something we all go through.
excuses to get out of plans | stay home remedy | don't want to go out | how to get out of a date | how to get out of going somewhere | tell someone no |

The time has come. If you don't speak up now, forever hold your peace, because you're going out.

How do you politely explain that you would rather not leave the comfort of your bed than accompany said friend to some event that you agreed to? What you need is a solid excuse. Sometimes you can get away with a simple, "Sorry bro, I won’t be able to make it tonight.” But sometimes you feel the need to have a little bit more substance to your excuse.

Girl, have I got you covered.

1. You forgot you already made plans with a friend

This is probably a lie on top of a lie, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Even better, you can spice the story up by saying you've bailed on this "friend" multiple times already and feel obligated to hang out with them. Apologize, move on.

This is great because if you are a person who keeps a smaller social circle, it is a once in a blue moon situation, so there is no way you’re lying. On the flip side, if you do have a lot of friends, there might be a little bit more hostility towards you, but it’s still believable.

2. Your [insert pet here] just hurt themselves

Be careful with this one. Do not say you need to take them to the vet because if it's 10:00 p.m. this excuse is no longer flawless. I personally do not know of too many vet offices open that late. Everyone can relate to a pet scenario. Even people without pets. No pet is too big or too small either. "My lizard almost drowned in the toilet." "My dog stepped on a bee." The options are endless. Very versatile for all personality types.

3. Blame a family member

"My brother is having car trouble; I have to go pick him up." Another good one is picking up your parents from the airport. Planes can be delayed or early. Use that to your advantage. It's out of your hands. Apologize and rain check them. You might have to return to this list if you offer a raincheck though.

4.  You've got a case of the sickies

Headaches, sore throat, throwing up, or cramps are all valid excuses. No one wants to move when they're not feeling well. On the other side, friends don't want to be around people that are sick. It is a real damper on their good time.

BONUS: WebMD some symptoms to make it sound severe, but don't freak yourself out.

5. You're broke

No shame in that game. The struggle is real. You can’t come out on account of you just realized you have $0.17 in your bank account. This one might even be too close for comfort to the actual truth... Sad days.

6. You were called into work

It happens! Maybe you don’t have to work tonight, but you have to go to work early in the morning. You have to make the customers happy and the boss happy. If you don't work, you can’t afford to go out anyway. Ahem, see #5.

7. Feminine issues

Sorry guys, this doesn't apply to you. This excuse is FLAWLESS in every way. Guys never understand what girls are going through when it comes to that time of the month, and all girls can sympathize with one another on this issue. If you have to put up with it every month, there should be some good that comes out of it, like canceling on that birthday dinner you never wanted to go to anyways.

8. House maintenance

Your pipes broke again? That's just great. The technician will be there between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. so please standby. Welp, he's not here yet. You are so sorry and don't think you can make it tonight.

9. Bring out your inner substance abuse

You got drunk by yourself, and you’re still pretty tipsy. It is probably best if you don't go anywhere right now. You are in no condition to operate a car. They can't even be mad at you because it’s drunk you, not the real you making an excuse.

10. The weather

The last resort excuse, unless you are barricaded in by snow. You have to play this out very carefully. Mention your allergies because of the wind lately. That is the best route for this excuse only because allergies tend to creep up on you. It's ideal for last-minute cancellations. I'll call you when Mother Nature calms down.

What are the top excuses you practice to get out of something? What about if you can't use an excuse and you just have to go? Well, then check out my post on how to make the most out of a night out!

excuses to get out of plans | stay home remedy | don't want to go out | how to get out of a date | how to get out of going somewhere | tell someone no |

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