A Refreshingly Relaxed Trip To San Fran!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

san francisco city guide, guide to san francisco, weekend getaway trip, san francisco travel ideas

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Repeat after me: YOU DESERVE A BREAK

Sometimes, what we really need in life is a break. Not to be confused with a vacation, where we run around seeing and doing everything we possibly can, but a relaxing getaway where we can recharge our batteries.

san francisco city guide, guide to san francisco, weekend getaway trip, san francisco travel ideas

The best part about a getaway is that you can escape your environment for a brief period of time. Embrace that situation. Coming from a travel bug like me it is very hard to write these words, but it can be such a relief on the body to be out of its element and actually be relaxing. Staying in the hotel, sleeping all day, and indulging in room service is one way to kick start your time to unwind. In fact, I personally think that San Francisco is the perfect location for such a getaway.

I know the hustle and bustle of the city doesn't scream relaxation, but I think you'd be surprised what the Golden City has to offer.

A relaxing start to your trip

san francisco city guide, guide to san francisco, weekend getaway trip, san francisco travel ideas

First of all, if you want a relaxing trip to San Francisco, you need to make sure that your arrival in the city is as chilled as possible. Obviously, the ideal way would be to just call your travel agent and charter a private jet and then get a chauffeur-driven car to your hotel. Okay, kidding... kind of. I have been seeing some private airline companies surface, like JSX, where there are no lines, 30-seat jets with business class legroom, free snacks and drinks, two free checked bags, free seat selection, and affordable pricing.

However, those of us living in the real world, with real budgets, will probably need a slightly more economical option. Happily, these do exist, and one option is to find and book lodging near San Francisco Airport that you can travel directly on your arrival. Shuttles are typically free to these airports too! These hotels host a lot of conferences and have an extreme amount of amenities. Some suites even have whirlpool baths as well, making them the perfect place to get rested and refreshed before you go on to do anything else. Pick a room that sparks relaxation in you!

Fisherman’s Wharf

Sitting still is not so common in this day and age, so once you have rested from your journey, head out to experience some of the fabulous sites that San Francisco has to offer. Of course, it's best to avoid the more hectic options, like Alcatraz Island and Lombard Street. Choose something decidedly more restful.

Fisherman's Wharf sounds hectic, but can be quite peaceful. You can take a slow walk around the neighborhood, listen to the waves rolling along the beach, stroll over to Pier 39, and even treat yourself to some of the delicious freshly caught crab.

Spas and relaxation

If the exertion of exploding Fisherman's Wharf is just too much, treat yourself to one of the most relaxing experiences there is in the Bay Area. By this, I mean take yourself to a day spa where you can get a massage, treatments, and spend some time in hot and cold pools. And lucky for you, San Francisco has quite the selection of spas to choose from. With those looking for a luxe high-end spa, check out the Nob Hill Spa, a place with beautiful views out across the entire city and treatments to die for.

If you're looking for something more low-key, there is thePearl Spa. It is a Korean-style establishment that specializes in muscle-relaxing massages. Perfect for anyone who is looking to unwind and relieve all those bodily tensions.

Relaxed and leisurely

If you're looking for a calm afternoon activity, visit any of the San Francisco museums and take in some of the famed San Francisco cultures. Fortunately, you do not need to 'harsh your mellow' to do this. In fact, there are plenty of places that are both beautiful and relaxing at the same time.

San Francisco is home to many pop-up museums, like the Ice Cream Museum and the Color museum, as well as some staples to consider, like the Asian Art Museum or the California Academy of Science Museum.

One of these, in particular, is the stunning Palace Of Fine Arts on Lyon St. A location that is set in spacious lakeside grounds that are perfect for exploring at a relaxed and leisurely pace.

San Francisco is a city that has everything for those looking to hustle and bustle and those looking to chill the hell out. Take a walk on the calmer side of the bay and check out some of the not so fast-paced opportunities San Francisco has in store for those looking to relax on their next weekend getaway.

san francisco city guide, guide to san francisco, weekend getaway trip, san francisco travel ideas

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