Goodbye ‘Pill for an Ill,’ Hello Holistic Journey

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

hypothyroidism | thyroid conditions | auto immune diseases | thyroid health | natural thyroid health

If you've been following along with the blog, then you know I've recently been spending a lot of time writing about how important it was for me to get a health baseline. I visited every doctor an average 25-year-old should see and got a really good grip on my health. During all of these visits, I found out my thyroid levels were reading low, meaning I am at risk of hypothyroidism.
Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones to meet the needs of the body. The thyroid is underactive. There are various medicines you can take to treat this and this condition is not a life-threatening disease, however, it is life-altering.

The main method to maintain a healthy thyroid is by taking a pill that will supplement the thyroid hormones your body is lacking. This sounds pretty self-sufficient, so what's the catch? Once you start taking this pill, you cannot stop. This pill becomes your thyroid lifeline. Your brain now reads these synthetic hormones as your real hormones and it thinks it does not have to produce anymore. Psh, and I was called lazy in grade school… One day off and my brain totally gives up its responsibilities!

hypothyroidism | thyroid conditions | auto immune diseases | thyroid health | natural thyroid health

Anyway, I would be responsible for taking this pill every day for the rest of my life. I'm 25 and SO not ready to commit to something like that. Plus, as I've stated earlier, a pill for an illness is not something I'm super fond of and conventional care is very persistent in this.

When I say "pill for an ill," I mean if something is aching and the doctor gives you a pill to take to make it go away, this doesn't always solve the problem. The pill just helps deal with the symptoms, it isn’t the solution. Finding out the root cause of why you have pain will help you identify the underlying problem and allow you to take preventative measures.

Think of this as an allergy. If you're allergic to nuts, and you know they make your mouth swell up, you avoid them, right? You don't just take an allergy pill because your mouth is swelling. You know that it's because of nuts that this happens to your body, so you just avoid nuts. Apply that method to every aspect in your life and that is how you figure out the root cause of your problem.

I want to know WHY my body isn't producing enough TSH. My doctor can't tell me that right now. Through trial and error, I'll have to find out what ingredients my life lacks or receives too much that prevents my body from producing this hormone.

My doctor and I agreed to retake this test again in a few months and see if anything has improved on my own. Thus begins some MAJOR lifestyle changes.

Immediately after that doctor's appointment, I was on the internet looking up at-home regimens, active lifestyle options, diets, and anything I could find. My fingers hurt by the end of the day, and so did my wallet because I was determined to start this process within 24-hours of getting my results. I re-upped my yoga membership to Bikram yoga, bought some natural herb capsules, purchased a plethora of oils and completely redid my grocery list.

hypothyroidism | thyroid conditions | auto immune diseases | thyroid health | natural thyroid health

Four months flew by and my doctor did a full thyroid blood panel when I went back to see him. I have nothing to compare a majority of these results to because this is the first time I've done a full thyroid panel. However, I was able to compare my TSH levels and they did improve on their own! Not by a lot, only by 0.5, but nevertheless I was ecstatic because my lifestyle adjustments are working. My TSH level was 5.41. That is awesome because my last level read 5.91. The normal range starts at 4.5, so I still have to bring my level down at least 0.91 but overall it is improving, 4 months at a time ha-ha.

Ultimately, I did all of this because I didn't want to subject myself to having to start this pill so early on in my life. I'm not saying that down the road I won't start taking supplements, but for now, this seems to be working and improving my levels bit by bit. Thyroid conditions are genetic and sometimes that's all there is too it, but sometimes it is a result of a condition in your body, and that is what I'm trying to find out. If anything, I'm buying time with my body's natural state and improving healthy habits all at once.

I talk about specifically what habits I changed and the products I bought to activate and revitalize my thyroid here!

hypothyroidism | thyroid conditions | auto immune diseases | thyroid health | natural thyroid health

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