Setting My 2020 Vision: Goals for the New Year

Friday, December 27, 2019

New Years Resolutions, 2020 goals, 2019 goals, new year, new me, new year, new goals

Christmas has passed and Capricorn season is in full swing. Now is a better time than ever to start thinking about setting your 2020 vision… Yeah, you like that? It's a new decade, and I am going to show it what I'm made of.

This year I want to try something different. Something that I think will take the pressure off of doing something for a whole year. I really believe in New Year's resolutions, however, taking on too much all at once is not ideal. This is why 2020 I want to start a new “Resolution” every month. That way by mid-June I'm still working towards goals and I get to start over or add on every 30 or so days!

They always say you can form a habit in 21 days. 21 days is close to a month with a little wiggle room, so each month I want to "start" something new. I may or may not keep up with the habits once a new month comes.

New Years Resolutions, 2020 goals, 2019 goals, new year, new me, new year, new goals

If all works out, then whatever habits I continue through the end of the year are the habits I was really committed to. 

Overall, I want to show up for myself this year. That is my theme for 2020. 

I don't have months picked out for each activity because life is busy and I want to see myself succeed at each of these. There are some that are easier to maintain and some are a bit more challenging. I'll be the judge of when I need to pull out what activity but this is an ongoing list of things I've always said I'm going to do "more" of. 

New Years Resolutions, 2020 goals, 2019 goals, new year, new me, new year, new goals

Here is what I have lined up to complete every day for a month.   

Yoga - I want to do yoga every day! Even a 5-minute stretch session will suffice (thanks to Yoga Wake Up). I owe it to me to dedicate this time to my body on a daily basis.

Meditation - I am incorporating this for the same reason I incorporate yoga. I want to be able to control my breathing. There are so many benefits to meditation. I want to feel them. 

"How are you?" - I want to ask someone every day how they are, or how their day is going. Now that I no longer live on my own, I've realized communicating and asking these questions is a way of connecting. 

Reading - I want to read every day. It could be 5 min, it could be 20 min. I have so many books I want to read so I'm going to have a book on me where ever I am. Whenever I have an opportunity, like on lunch, or waiting in a line, I'll try to pull it out. Plus, I have a book Bingo card to fill out! 

Journaling - This kind of goes hand in hand with the reading startup. I love writing, and I want to write down my thoughts, cries, passions, and dreams. Documentation is key for me, so it's time I start committing to it.

Focus on the moment - I'm a blogger and we live in a digital world. If I see a photo opp, I'm going to take it. The thing is, I can usually plan out what my experience is going to be like. For example, at a concert, I know which one or two-song sI want to record or take a photo during. I'll snap during that time and then enjoy the rest of the concert. I want to keep that going because sometimes I do get caught up in getting the perfect shot.

Not hitting the snooze button - Sometimes Im really good at this, other times I'm really bad at this. I go to bed at a reasonable time, so there is no need to hit the snooze button. If I know I wat to sleep until a certain time, I'll set my alarm for that time. Once it rings, I rise and sing. No, I don't but you catch my drift. 

Gluten Free - Fully commit to a gluten-free diet for the entire month. No cheating. Wish me luck. 

Weekly social media DND - Hit Do Not Disturb on social media for 12-24 hours once per week. One day per week I need to lay the social media to rest. 

Take my vitamins/medicines every day - I'm sure this sounds simple but I forget all of the time. I want to get my body into a consistent state of mind. 

Looking up when I walk - No ore staring down at the screen in my hand. Make eye contact with strangers or don't, but my head will stay looking at what's in front of me, not what is below me. 

No online shopping - This will definitely not be November or December's goal, but I'm committing to 86ing my Amazon purchases and all other online purchases for one month. Im hoping it will allow me to see what I really need and don't need. Especially when it comes to sales. Im such a sucker for a good deal. 

Be Hydrogenated Oil-Free

Thanks to one of my fabulous co-workers, I now know how poisonous hydrogenated oils are for your body. You know what hydrogen peroxide is, right? How it makes your owies fizz up? That's essentially what hydrogenated oils do to your insides. Tasty-Yummies does a really good job of explaining which oils are good/bad for your body. 

Gain at least 10,000 Instagram Followers

This is mostly so I can finally say swipe up. I'm going to need all of your help with this because this is such a hard one for me to get into. I love Instagram as a social media tool for me personally, but I use my blog for my stories. If I want to see my blog traffic spike from Instagram views I need to give my followers an easier outlet to get to my blog. This means dedicating my time to strong engagement on Instagram. 

Sit up Straight

I'm becoming a bit of a posture nazi and I want to make sure I benefit from it too. The main goal here is to fix my posture at my desk. Uncross my legs (causes varicose veins and spider veins) while keeping my back/spine straight. I'm going to put sticky notes everywhere to constantly remind myself. 

Drink More Water

This year, I'm getting back at the haters by staying hydrated. That's all. 

Collect Two Passport Stamps

I know passport stamps don’t really exist anymore, which I am totally bummed about, but I still love the concept. I mentally stamp my passport. I want to travel to two countries per year. 2020 I'm hoping to go someplace tropical, like Antigua and then make my way back to Europe! 

Maintain and/or Grow Streams of Income

Every millionaire has 7 streams of income. I want to increase my streams of income or increase the streams I do have! I'm looking into a couple different options but so far I have about 5 streams. And with that, here is a shameless shop locally with Cover Your Basics or purchase some badass hair care products that will make your hair feel alive.

Please hold me accountable if you see me slippin'. What are some of your resolutions? I love seeing how others want to grow!

New Years Resolutions, 2020 goals, 2019 goals, new year, new me, new year, new goals

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