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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

new years resolutions, new year new me, starting fresh, get control over your life, make some changes in life

This post is a collaborative post. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

With New Year’s lingering right around the corner, I think we can all feel a wave of change headed our way. New year, new you, am I right? From time to time, we all want to make some changes in our lives. Whether these changes are at home or with our health, they can occasionally be necessary to give us the boost we need.

2019 was a year of change and discovery for me. There were a few small things I changed in my home and life that really made a huge difference in how I was acting, feeling and conducting myself. Simple things like basic diet changes, small wardrobe updates and trying out some new skills. If you want to start seeing results, you have to start making changes.

Change What Goes into Your Body

new years resolutions, new year new me, starting fresh, get control over your life, make some changes in life

What you put into your body is probably the most important aspect of your life. That is your energy. Start introducing as many vegetables into your diet as possible. The more vegetables you put into your diet, the better you will look and feel. Getting a good amount of veg into your body can improve your physical health, mental health, your hair and even your skin.

I’ve been using my air fryer a lot to cook my vegetables and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. I eat WAY more vegetables than I ever have because of this handy kitchen tool. I’ve also started implementing them into my smoothies! Adding some kale or spinach to a smoothie is a super-efficient way to get some greens into your body. Or even trying out some vegetarian meals is a great and tasty way to incorporate more veggies. This vegetarian dumplings recipe is so good..

Apart from that, I have become a label reader. Yep. I am the person in the store checking all of the ingredients in a product. Because I do this so often, I am now exhausted by long labels and have substantially minimized my crappy food intake. I really try to eliminate hydrogenated oils from my diet. They’re so bad for you. And by eliminating my canola and vegetable oil intake I feel and look so much better.

TLDR (Too long didn’t read): Small changes can go a long way. Eat more veggies and reduce the amount of canola oil and vegetable oil products you consume.

Take a Look at Your Wardrobe

If there is one small change you can make that is sure to make a world of difference to how you feel, it’s in your wardrobe.

Quite often, people underestimate the impact an old wardrobe can have on the way you feel and carry yourself. If you dress in clothing that doesn’t do anything for you anymore, you won’t feel great at all, and your attitude will overall be quite abysmal. Yikes…

However, if you head to the shops and adopt a whole new wardrobe with clothes that you love and feel great in, you will find that you have a whole new level of confidence. This is an extreme case. Sometimes you just need a few pieces to flare up your existing options. Depending on your budget, give yourself a spending limit and find some fun pieces to spruce up your closet.

The power of clothing is incredible, and its effect on our mental health is just as prominent as its effect on our confidence. Did you know that putting on a colorful sweater or pair of shoes can instantly improve your mood? Once you don a brightly colored outfit that you love, you will find yourself talking more confidently, and even the way you walk can change.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. Follow the 2/3 fashion rule. You only need to put in 66% effort in order to feel great!

Learn a New Skill

new years resolutions, new year new me, starting fresh, get control over your life, make some changes in life

One of the biggest complaints as people get older is a sense of boredom at work. Now, while this is a common thing, it really doesn't have to be.

As we get older, we tend to become more complacent and seem to think we have to accept an imaginary fate that there is a point we have reached that we cannot go beyond. This is, of course, nonsense. You know that saying, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’? Forget about it. Old dogs are learning new tricks all the time.

If there is one thing that everybody can do that will make huge changes to their life, it’s to learn a new skill. Taking on a skill that can be applied either in your current job, a new job, or simply as a hobby, can really boost your life. You’re stimulating your mind which produces endorphins – that really fun, natural happy drug.

It’s important to remember that there is no reason that things ever have to stay the same. You are only bound by the limits you set yourself, and you should always consider broadening your horizons. Whether you take on one or all of the changes in this post, there is surely something here that can help you on your way to making a few little changes that can make you feel brand new.

Lookout 2020. New Year, New Me coming in hot!

new years resolutions, new year new me, starting fresh, get control over your life, make some changes in life

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