500 Words on Why Libraries Make Our Lives Better

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This post is a collaborative post. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

I want to talk to you about the library. When was the last time you went to one? It’s probably been a hot minute. I know last year was the first time I pulled out my library card in a LONG time. Actually, I went to go check out my books and the computer didn’t even recognize my barcode. Whoops. So I had to get another one.

Technology has changed the way we search for information and buy and read books, but that doesn’t mean that community libraries are now redundant. In fact, libraries serve a host of important purposes for friends of all ages.

Not only that, but some of the libraries that have recently been remodeled are extremely trendy too. I could definitely see libraries becoming the new coffee shop trend if they keep up with the funky design concepts.

Libraries are more useful now more than ever before. While many people still use libraries to rent books, there are several other reasons why libraries are a linchpin of community life.

Libraries are a place where people can gather and meet. It’s not the traditional quiet hush-hush atmosphere anymore. There are quiet zones and collaborative zones. Over 90% of people agree that libraries improve community spirit, while 73% consider their library an important place for their family. Community libraries facilitate communication and the formation of relationships and connections, which is increasingly beneficial in a digital age.

My boyfriend and I recently went on a library date. We legitimately went to the library, picked out a book and read next to one another. May have also people watched a bit too, but it was just a different atmosphere to get out of the house in. We both walked out feeling refreshed and there was no pressure to buy something. We just enjoyed each others company.

The library is also a crucial resource because it enables access to information, advice, and guidelines related to areas such as social services, healthcare, and employment. Over 80% of people agree that their library provides resources that they would struggle to find elsewhere. Some libraries have also introduced one-on-one sessions designed to benefit those looking for a job or assistance with finding housing. You tell me what coffee shop offers opportunities like that?

You have free access to the internet, wifi, and unlimited knowledge. If they don’t have the answer, they know where to find it! These facilities provide opportunities to study, to research and to expand your knowledge base, providing a valuable resource for children, students, and employees. Almost 50% of the library, users make a trip with a specific aim in mind.

My typical trip involves an hour of blog writing with a brief browse through the metaphysical section. Sometimes a cute Instagram photo, if the library is trendy enough. *winks*

Libraries offer access to technology, enabling those who don’t have an Internet connection at home to find information, study and read. Almost 70% of public libraries represent the sole free source of Internet within their neighborhoods.

I have become so much more inspired at a library than anywhere else I've gone to "get work done" (aka play on my phone and maybe do minimal work).  There honestly might even be fewer distractions here because of the traditional hush-hush stigma. I’m a person that I have to get out of my element (desk, living room, etc.) in order to spark some creativity and the library does that for me.

In case you needed some more inspiration here's an awesome infographic on why libraries are better for your community overall. 

Infographic Design By USC

Next time you're looking for some local resources, or want to get out of your routine spots, or maybe your computer broke and you need to do some research. The library is the answer to all of your problems. If the staff or facility cant solve it, guess what there is a book somewhere inside that will. Libraries are beautiful. Thank you for coming to my online Ted Talk.

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