Why Better Health Begins With Good Nutrition

Thursday, March 5, 2020

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I'm not sure who needs to hear this but, what you eat affects your health.

Last year was the year I got a grip on my health. I pulled myself in by the collar and said, "Jordan, you are your own adult now. You have to make your doctor appointments. You have to get a grip on your health." So I did. I hated every minute of it, but I did it, and now I have so much more clarity on my body and its levels. When something is out of whack it is easier for me to identify the root cause of the wackiness. Ya feel me?

Good nutrition is recommended for healthy living. There are numerous benefits of a proper diet that can motivate anyone to ditch junk foods. Eating healthy is not as boring or as hard as some think. You can treat yourself once in a while, but don’t get carried away.

My journey to health success all started with a look at the foods I was consuming. So, in the midst of all of my doctor appointments, tests, and mini breakdowns over my health, here are some reasons why improved well-being starts with good nutrition.

It helps you lose weight

This is the #1 reason anyone starts paying attention to their diet. Going on a diet can help you lose weight, but it is not sustainable. For some that choose to go on fad diets, it is only a matter of time before you fall back to bad food choices. Therefore, by making it a habit to genuinely eat better, you will more likely develop a healthy eating habit and stick to it. Girl, just eat a balanced meal with lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and legumes with A LOT of seasoning for flavor and you'll be fine. 

Most importantly though, eating a balanced meal will give you the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy weight. Don't focus on losing weight to be thin, focus on losing weight ot be healthy, and the rest will come. Don’t be fooled that a restrictive diet will keep the weight off. A healthy weight reduces the chances of developing diseases.

Helps you gain weight

Gains! Gains! Gains! While weight loss is the main reason why people start eating healthy, some do it to gain weight. Others are advised to gain weight for health purposes or to feel good about themselves. If that is your mission, some foods can help you do just that. Opt for energy-packed foods such as dried fruits, seed, and nuts. A healthy amount of carbs and starches are important to incorporate too. Find out how much of each you need based on your body mass index, and you'll be on Forbes nutrition success list. 

It’s good for the heart

The heart wants what the heart wants and the heart wants healthy foods. Some foods acids like grains, nuts, fruits, fish, and veggies are rich in omega-3 fatty. This is what you want in your body. Healthy fats like avocados and lean meats for protein are all your heart's fan favorites. Recently I've been really into Apple Cider Vinegar which has plenty of happy heart benefits dealing with blood pressure and circulation.  A lot of these foods will also reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Saves you money

Contrary to popular belief... healthy eating saves you money. Yeah! You can get all the minerals and vitamins you need for proper eye health, blood circulation, liver health, etc. with a small paycheck. The idea of eating healthy is to hopefully help you improve your eating habits so much that you don't need to invest in dietary supplements. 

And, while we're chatting about this, balancing out your diet also reduces the chances of falling sick and going to the hospital. Medical care is expensive, and if good nutrition can save you from it, let's start now. 

Gives you energy

A healthy diet gives you the energy to start the day. You can boost your mood and productivity with a few simple breakfast ingredients. People who only eat junk food are sluggish, sleepy, and unresponsive. They're not giving their body the nutrients it needs and its taking  toll on their lifestyle choices. Lazy wants to feed lazy. You can stay full longer when you eat a healthy meal than when you eat junk foods because it doesn't fill your belly to the brim and slow you down.

Good nutrition makes you feel good about yourself. Opting for vegetables instead of a burger improves your sense of well-being. It reassures you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Improves your skin

Eating fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on your skin.  Vitamin C and Vitamin E are superfoods for your skin. They can give you youthful and glowing skin every day. Staying hydrated is another way to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Healthy eating has been shown to eliminate wrinkles and helps the skin stay supple.

Honestly, I say consult a nutritionist to help you make healthy food choices. If that sounds like too much start smaller. Follow a couple bloggers that have a niche for this type of stuff to limit information overload.  However, you should want to get started with your new diet as soon as possible. It might be tempting to go back to unhealthy foods, but remember why you started. The long-term goals are to feel good about yourself, have more energy, and reduce the risk of diseases. Every step you make towards better health counts.

eat healthy on a budget, at healthy motivation, eat healthier, eat healthy food, balanced meals, balanced diet,

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