4 Tips To Help You Stick To Those Fitness Goals

Friday, March 13, 2020

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We all have our "whys" around fitness. We do it to feel healthy, or to feel better in our own skin, or because we love the endorphins it gives us. Regardless of your reason, I'm sure many of us have set various goals and targets around our own fitness and then struggled to keep that motivation going and give up. It is a common story and one we are all probably familiar with. It can be hard to stay focused, which is why today I want to share with you 4 tips that have helped me stick to my fitness goals, in hopes you can also implement these!

Plan ahead

As with most things that I do,  I plan ahead. I look at work out schedules, I look at my schedule. I compare and see what fits. There are definitely yoga teachers I avoid, or busy days when I know I just won't want to go. I don't go to the gym every day, but if I can get four gym classes in a week, I feel great about that. I try to plan 2-3 days ahead. This gives me time to think about what I need to do, any supplies or bookings that I need to make and spot any potential obstacles that could get in my way. For example, I might realize that I have a late meeting at work on one of my assigned gym nights, so I can arrange to go at lunchtime instead or join an extra class that week.

This goes for meal plans as well. I know that what we eat affects our health. I take the time to meal plan ahead for the week. I even have menu options i keep on my fridge for inspiration. Additionally,  ensuring that you cover your three meals a day and any snacks that you might want. This should help you with your grocery shopping, reduce any food waste and ensure that you are eating all of the right things for your body and your goals.

Join in with others

It can be really motivational to join in on a fitness group or hit the gym with friends.  Sharing fitness goals or activities with others really keeps me motivated.

Working with others and sharing your journey with them can feel supportive and helps to keep me going when you can feel yourself having a wobble. There might be a fitness app that you can use to track your progress alongside others, you might choose to join the gym with a friend or you might go along to meetings to help with any weight loss or gain goals.

Find things that you love

Simply put, don't do classes or eat meals that you hate. I don't know about you but if I feel like I am constantly depriving myself of all of the good stuff, I am unlikely to be able to stick to my plans over the long term. It will take every ounce of my motivation to keep on going, all while gritting my teeth in the process. Like, how miserable does that sound? However, if I find things that I love, I am more likely to stick to my plan.

If you are focusing on your nutrition, there are hundreds of foods and drinks that you can enjoy, so have some fun experimenting and trying new tastes and flavor combinations. *cough cough* Season everything! You will soon have delicious go-to dinner ideas that you look forward to eating.

You will need to do the same with whatever forms of exercise you are going to do. Hitting the gym is not for everyone, pounding the pavements does not suit us all, so take the time to find a form of exercise that you really enjoy. You might find a new dance class that you look forward to attending, or maybe it is as simple as taking the dog out for longer, more scenic walks. I have three different gym memberships. It keeps me accountable but also gives me options!

Don't get distracted

It is so easy to make up excuses to not go to the gym. I'm tired. The Bachelor is on. Coronavirus. The president is in town and traffic is awful (okay, that one I might let slide), but you get what I am saying.  It is so easy to just say "I'm busy this week, I can't go to the gym." Yes. If you are busy if you honestly feel exhausted and could complete a brisk half-hour walk. Go home. You know your schedule and your body best. I know there are times when I have to take a week off from working out because I am working late. If that is the case, I double plan ahead and figure out which classes or times I can go the following week. 

To put it short, plan out to do stuff you like with people that will support you and not let you get distracted. BOOM. Alright, any advice in this area? Let's chat in the comments below.

stick to fitness goals, stick to fitness plan, fitness goals, fitness motivation, working out, working out motivation

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