How to Create a Zen Zone in Your Home

Sunday, April 19, 2020

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Zen zones are such a powerful tool that allows you a safe space to distress, self reflect, and find your center. Any home can have one. A zen space does not have to be its own room. Even if you have just a corner of common space, you can easily make that a safe space to meditate, while still blending in with the rest of your living corridors

I like to incorporate the 5 senses into my meditation space. Sensory overload is what I aim for when I meditate or practice yoga. Mediation is such a beautiful practice and you should treat yourself to it in the most caring and loving way. By creating a space dedicated to self-reflection and day digestion you are inviting yourself into great habits.

First things first. Find your dedicated space and make sure you have a blank slate to work with.

I typically gravitate towards corners of the room. If there are pieces set up there currently I will remove everything and start with a blank slate. If you can, try to be near a window so you can have natural lighting in your meditation room or spot. 

Once you have your blank space you can start working on incorporating the five senses.


Aromas are VERY important when it comes to meditation and yoga. Incorporating candles, incenses, and oils can be very rewarding to the body. You want 100% pure organic candles and oils. I cannot stress this enough. This is a space you will be doing some deep breathing. You don't want to breathe in unnatural fragrances as those contain chemicals and toxins. I have an organic sage candle with my Doterra Arise yoga oil because I trust these brands as having 100% natural ingredients.

Some popular scents are:
Lavender - promotes calmness
Eucalyptus - promotes relaxation and calm breathing
Wild Orange - wakes the body up
Sage - stimulate and clarifies the mind
Grapefruit with Frankincense - promises an uplifted mood and environment 


What do you want to hear while practicing? Will you do guided meditations? Maybe you should look into a Bluetooth speaker if you don't want your phone nearby. Incorporating a mini waterfall can be very relaxing and natural sounding. Diffusers often act with double duty with sound and smell. Diffuse you're favorite oil and let the water droplets be your sound. 

I use my phone app YogaWakeUp for my guided meditations. When I don't feel like having my phone near me I use my sound bowl and make my own music while saying my mantras. Give yourself easily available options. 


This is a weird one but it needs to be incorporated. A little tea prior to entering your zen zone and after you finish your practice goes a LONG way. If you meditate at night peach tea can be very pleasant and a great before bed delight. If you are a morning meditator, wake yourself up with a caffeinated green tea!


Think about everything your body will be feeling. What type of flooring makes you feel the most comfortable? I recommend using rugs to incorporate some contrasting colors and a softer floor. Something that can easily be rolled up or put aside if you needed to use the space for a yoga mat per se. 

I like to feel really cozy in my zen zone so I have blankets nearby and a soft meditation pillow, on a plush rug, on my carpet. 

This is also where I incorporate my crystals. Depending on the mood I am in or want to be in, I will hold a crystal throughout my meditation as well. I like to visualize the crystal is giving me the energy I don't have.


Sight is a later component for me because there are so many other components that have to be incorporated. I keep sight in the back of my mind while incorporating other senses because every piece goes into play here. I will see everything. I don't want any negative energy in this space. I typically like to incorporate mirrors because I enjoy opening my eyes after a powerful meditation and smiling at myself for allowing me to have that time of peace. Mirrors are a great tool when I do yoga as well.

Other items you can consider would be peaceful pictures of waterfalls or forests. You want these pieces to be more minimalistic so they do not distract from. Dream catchers and windows are super popular choices too. 

Other sightline items you can think about are color contrasts that are pleasing to the eye. Bring in a plant for some greenery. Fake is fine but a real plant has other benefits like detoxifying the air around you. What color table are you going to be placing everything on? 

Additionally, you have to think about lighting. Do you want any mood lighting? I recommend salt lamps or even lava lamps. Something with a dim light that is not distracting. Stick to natural elements or soft blues. 

Check out my Keep Calm and Self Love On Pinterest Board for more ideas on what to accomplish in your zen zone.

Final tip

You have to think about all of the elements and pick pieces that are pleasing to you. What you don't want is to look over at your zen zone and constantly want to make adjustments to it. Change is good, but if it bothers you, fix it.

I hope this was insightful for you and inspires you to take a corner in your home and make it a safe space to collect your thoughts. Set your boundaries with this space and make it so inviting you to want to be there. You WANT to meditate every day. Ever since incorporating this concept into my home, I have made meditation a daily routine. 

What are your meditation routines? Let's chat in the comments below!

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