Skin Care Routine: The Order of Operations

Friday, May 1, 2020

skincare routine, skincare routine for 20s, skincare routine 30s, skincare routine products, all natural skincare, skincare routine videos, skincare for oily skin, skin care for acne, all natural skincare I am 100% obsessed with my skincare routine. Our skin is the largest living organ in and on our bodies. We need to take care of it! Our faces have the most delicate skin, so that needs some extra primping as well. Since the mandated quarantine started I have really valued the concept of a skincare routine and now mine takes upwards of 30 minutes. And, I enjoy every second of it. 

I always wondered what was the correct order to follow when it comes to a skincare routine. I want to make sure I am getting the most product penetration and in an orderly fashion. I spend good money on my products, I want to make sure they yield results. 

Generally, if you follow the "thin-to-thick" rule you will receive the most benefits because of product penetration. Start with the thinnest consistency to the thickest. Water-based products being first and oil-based products being last. 

Most of my skincare rituals happen at night, but a lot of the same concepts can be applied to those that start their morning off with their skincare routine. I am also a loyal all-natural skincare guru so you will find non-toxic beauty options throughout this post.

So, once my day has come to an end and I am ready to wash my face, where do you start?

Here is a video with step by step instructions. Feel free to check back to this blog post for more specifics. 

First things first, girl, wash your face!

Makeup Remover: This is where I set my base up, so I make sure I do it properly. I take One Love's Botanical B Enzyme which acts as a cleansing oil and makeup remover to wipe off any makeup or sweat if I just came from a workout. It is good pre-cleanser. This helps ensure that when I get to my facial cleanser it's picking up anything left over.

Facial Cleanser: After wetting my face with warm water, I'll apply my Monat Be Gentle facial cleanser and rub that through my palms and in circular motions going outwards. This facial wash contains ginger root so it soothes and hydrates my somewhat dry skin.

TIP: If the water is too hot for your hands, it is too hot for your face. 

Facial Cleansing Tool: Once the product is lathered I will take my Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Massager and, again, in circular motions outwards, I will massage the cleanser deeper into my pores.

Once I have washed everything off and my face has been padded dry, the REAL magic and regimen begin! 

Face Mask: For the love of all things beauty, we NEED to wash our faces before we do a face mask. Once my face is washed, I'll apply my Berry Scrub, let that sit and wash it off before attempting my skincare routine. This helps to brighten my skin giving it a refreshed look without drying it out. It kind of goes on like vaseline. Itis mixed with cranberry seeds so it smells like a smoothie on your face!

Toner: Toners have a bit of a bad rep for drying out your face and causing some irritations. I actually make a version of my own toner using Frankincense oil from Doterra and Rejuveniqe Oil - Light. Leaves my face feeling refreshed and not too oily or dry. This helps treat acne and works as a preventative for future blemishes. 

Serums: These are super light oils with hydrating or age-defying benefits. I use Rewind Age Control Nectar which acts like botox in a bottle. This reconditions my skin and tackles my uneven skin tones, age spots (even at 26), fine lines and wrinkles.
Additionally,  this is where I will apply my lash enhancing serum. Mostly because it is easier for me to keep the serums together and I am less likely to forget about it. 

Eye Cream: Next I'll roll on my Eye Smooth eye cream. I don't get super close to my eye and more so focus on the defining structures around my eye. If I get too close to my eye I could end up irritating it, which would make me want to rub it, ultimately defeating the point of the eye cream. Here is a helpful video I found on how to apply eye cream.  

Spot Treatment: This falls into a lot of categories. For me, I like to focus on the manila around my eyes. Manila are little white fat deposits that sit on my face right around my eye and cheekbones. I take my Tea Tree roll-on oil and roll out some oil into those trouble spots.

Facial Massage: Before my face get's too oily for me to grab onto, I like to give my face a little lip and face massage. I'll start with squeezing my lips in and out, to plump and tone my lip muscles as you see here. I massage my depressors, which are muscles that if not stimulated and worked out they will weaken and pull on my mouth and lips. This sounds like a lot but it feels amazing and prevents wrinkles! 

Moisturizer: I'll apply my lightweight moisturizer to my face to help renew plant stem cells, plumping my skin, and balancing out my T-zone.

Jade Rolling: This is where all of your hard work pays off. Prime product generation happens RIGHT HERE. I know jade rolling goes in and out of phases but it is here to stay with me. I jade roll my face for like 10 minutes at the end of my skincare routine. Also, always move in an outward motion with your jade roller. Go over fine lines and wrinkles plenty to receive anti-aging benefits. This jade roll process will push all of the products you just put on your face into your skin. 

Gua Sha: This is more so along your jaw bone and neck, but still relevant to the skin. I take my Gua Sha and go from the neck towards the chin along my jawbone to help reduce wrinkles and a sagging neck. I'll repeat this from the center of my throat to the tip of my chin as well. This takes about 5 minutes.

TIP: Make sure you wash your Jade Roller and Gua Sha on a regular basis so you don't have product build-up going into your pores.

Face Oil: I will only apply my Rejuveniqe Oil every other night or when I am feeling rather dehydrated since it is such a heavy oil and I have combination skin. I don't want my skin to get too oily throughout the week.

Last little tidbit, if I have a pimple, these pimple patches from Alba Botanical are a godsent. I'll apply that after EVERYTHING else has been said and done, then go to sleep with it on. Once I peel it off in the morning my pimple is significantly smaller, if not gone. 

I am a beauty consultant and I am a beauty advocate, so I feel like I should know the order of operations of a quality skincare routine. I know we all have different faces and skin concerns, so I encourage you to find out what works best for you. This is a really good rule of thumb to start with. However, if you take away ANYTHING from this, it is that you owe yourself this time. Do not feel guilty about taking such a long time in the bathroom. This is FOR YOU. Buy yourself quality products and spend some quality time with yourself.

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