My mission is to offer relatable experiences in hopes to inspire and empower action in others. I like to sparking conversations by asking genuine questions because I strongly believe that is how we can all grow, by learning from one another. 

I'm not sure how popular Instagram hashtags come to be but I really hope they are started with positive intentions to spread good all across the internet.

The other day I was sitting at one of my fave coffee shops thinking about my blog name and what it means to me. Daily Cup of JoJo. Sure it's a bit of a play on words but I think there is a total movement underneath the name itself.

Hear me out.

I started this blog as an expressive outlet to blog about my daily life. My daily routines, lifestyle roles I followed, trends that interested me, etc. These all played into my daily life. Well, I want to hear about your daily life. What are your daily routines,  aspirations,  and practices? We all have a story to tell. Put yourself out there and tell it.

Putting yourself out there for the world to hear is the first step.
I am still amazed (daily) with how many people are going through the same struggles, successes, and confusions as I am. It's a comforting feeling knowing you're not alone in life's emotions.

I read a lot about how people need to post content that is engaging, thrilling, quality etc. I've read through the social media algorithms and I've read through all the tactics. At the end of the day, my lifestyle doesn't fit using a professional camera or hiring a professional photographer to take my picture for Instagram to deem my content engaging. One of my best blogger friends hires a professional photographer for every post because her lifestyle fits those aspects. Guess what, no one is wrong here.

I want to see your best foot forward and you behind the scenes. At the end of the day were all either with each other or against each other.

We all have an interesting story to tell. We should tell it daily.

Social Medias power to spread information across oceans is ultimately astonishing. Use those powers for the greater good and relate with someone you otherwise would've never connected with. 

Share your daily with #DailyCupOfMe 

and I'll post your experiences below!

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