Why Cover Your Basics is the Online Shop You Never Knew You Were Waiting For


Cozy Club Crewneck Sweatshirt

For those that like all things soft and comfy, this Cozy Club crewneck sweatshirt is for you. The perfect sweater to keep you feeling at home all season long. Pair with a good book by the fireside for the complete effect. 

Day Drinking With My Dog Rolled Sleeve Tee

I'm going to do exactly what my shirt tells me to do. This one is for all the dog mamma's out there. You've worked hard you've earned this. Treat yo'self to the comfiest Bella Canvas shirt you'll ever own and a day out (or in) with the puppers.

Finals Hair, Don't Care Triblend Tee

Because honestly, all you want is some comfy sneakers, your favorite pair of yoga pants and a soft tee. Who has time to do their hair during finals week? This Bella Canvas tri-blend tee is so comfy you can fall asleep in it so you don't need to waste time changing into anything else. Also, wishing you the best of luck!

Happy Hour Enthusiast Women's V-Neck

Happy Hour is the best hour! For all of you that thrive in a happy hour environment, you would overwear this t-shirt. Margarita's anyone?

Mimosinal Wreck Women's V-Neck

We accept the brunch we think we deserve so join the brunch club with this Mimosoinal Wreck v-neck! A must have in every weekenders wardrobe! After all, brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast. 

Boozy Drink Huggies (4 Pack)

Cold beer? Hold here. Take your party game to the next level with this ridiculously cute and READY TO SHIP "Boozy" drink cooler. These drink huggies stand up on their own with a yummy drink inside. This listing is for a 4 pack of Boozy drink huggies.

How Cover Your Basics Came To Be

About three months ago I wanted to see where my blog could take me. I started investing in internet courses, blogging memberships, and continued online marketing education. 

Blogging is way more than just a side hustle anymore. With everyone having such vast access to the internet it makes it hard to be unique in the blogging sea. Blogging is photography, creating content, marketing, sales (you literally have to sell yourself) and even a little IT. There are a lot of skills I have acquired along the way.

As I was taking these courses I realized I didn't want to make a business out of my blog. Sure monetizing posts can be a motivator but I just highly enjoy writing and posting. I didn't want it to become stressful and take away the joy I had in blogging. I had to figure out something else If I wanted to see growth in my personal blog but not affect my blogging per say.

So then I thought, why not pick up another hobby? I had a little laugh to myself and then moved on... Moved on RIGHT INTO THE ONLINE SHOP BUSINESS. 

Why Cover Your Basics is the Online Shop You Never Knew You Were Waiting For

Daily Cup of JoJo is expanding into Cover Your Basics online accessories and apparel shop.

This idea came to me because I know I'm basic. That is no surprise. There are also plenty more friends out there that are just as basic as I and I wanted to make sure we were covered, literally and figuratively.

Open now on a webpage near you!

Cover Your Basics is a shop that embraces the inner #basic in all of us by providing all of your essentials for covering your basics (i.e. you).  

Being 'basic' seems to be connotative as a negative but here at Cover Your Basics, I hope to show that being basic is positive. Being basic means you're relatable, so let's capitalize on what we all have in common.

With Cover Your Basics you will find exactly what you're thinking, on a t-shirt, a mug, a koozie, a tote bag, or some other type of material you "just can't" without.

Cover Your Basics will be open on November 1! 

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Why Cover Your Basics is the Online Shop You Never Knew You Were Waiting For

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